Prestigious vegan scientist sets out to transform the food industry.- 30 Nov 2009  
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Concluding that the planet cannot sustain humanity if consumption of animal products continues to increase, Stanford University professor and US National Academy of Sciences member Dr. Patrick Brown decided to set aside his normal scientific work for 18 months and instead seek to eliminate animal farming across the globe.  
His plans include helping people change their diets by showing companies how to create and market tasty vegetarian foods.

For the next six months, he will be working with scientists on models demonstrating that the economic and environmental costs of animal foods are too high to sustain, followed by a year of working with famous chefs and food researchers developing savory vegetarian dishes and a program to overcome food security issues.
Saying that he wants to approach our planetary crisis as a solvable problem, Dr. Brown offered a simple summary of the solution: “Eliminate animal farming on planet Earth.”

Our accolades and admiration, Dr. Brown! May Heaven bless your lofty ideals in speeding our world toward adoption of the lifesaving plant-based fare.As part of her tireless work to aid humanity in facing our precarious global situation, Supreme Master Ching Hai has advocated an urgent transition to the organic vegan diet, as via a video message for a June 2009 conference in Mexico.

Supreme Master Ching Hai : Adopting a plant-based diet can halt as much as 80% of global warming, eradicate world hunger, stop war, promote peace, and it will free up the Earth’s water as well as many other precious resources, offering a lifeline for the planet and for humanity. In short, it will very quickly halt many of the global problems facing us right now. Therefore, it is vital that we do our part to bring to the public’s attention the urgent climate change issues and its solutions; the foremost being the vegan diet, to safeguard our precious planet.