Al Gore recommends reducing meat to address global warming. - 6 Nov 2009  
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In several of his interviews to promote his most recent book on climate change, “Our Choice,” environmental campaigner, former US Vice President and Nobel Prize laureate Al Gore has spoken with US broadcast journalist Diane Sawyer and Australian Leigh Sales on the role of meat reduction in halting global warming.

When Ms. Sales asked if he agreed with British climate expert Lord Nicholas Stern’s call for people to be vegetarian to reduce emissions, Mr. Gore  replied, “It’s a legitimate point of view.
Nick Stern is a very able advocate for whom I have enormous respect… I have cut back sharply on the meat that I eat and it’s absolutely correct that the growing meat intensity of diets around the world is one of the issues connected to this global crisis.  Not only because of the CO2 involved, but also because of the water consumed in the process.” 

The former vice president went on to say, “You can add in the health consequences as well. We’ve all heard from our doctors for many years that vegetables and fruits should occupy a bigger part of all of our diets, and that’s important for a lot of reasons. I’ve made those changes.” 

A green bravo, Your Excellency, for highlighting the important role of plant based foods in addressing climate change.  May more people hasten in their adoption of a diet that optimizes health for people and planet.