British Prince Philip hosts vegan interfaith banquet for a sustainable planet. - 4 Nov 2009  
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Together with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and husband to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, hosted a special lunch on Tuesday, November 3 at Windsor Castle.

The occasion was part of a 3-day conference entitled, “Many Heavens, One Earth: Faith Commitments for a Living Planet,” which had gathered over 250 leaders from nine faiths to propose frameworks for future commitments to climate change action.

In accordance with the eco-conscious event, the conference organizers opted for a vegan lunch, providing a low-impact meal while also respecting various religious dietary needs.

With dishes that featured seasonal, regionally sourced plant-based ingredients, this was the first vegan banquet in Windsor Castle’s history. Heaven bless you, Your Royal Highness, Secretary-General Ban and all involved, for this noble event bringing faiths together in love of our God-gifted Earthly home.

We pray that the conference spiritually recharges the world’s faiths and believers toward meaningful climate action that includes the ultimately eco-friendly vegan fare.