Review of livestock and climate study by The Independent newspaper. - 4 Nov 2009  
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On November 1, The Independent,a leading newspaper in the United Kingdom, published an article by Consumer Affairs Correspondent Martin Hickman commenting on the new report from the US-based Worldwatch Institute.

The Independent cited the report’s revised calculations finding that livestock is responsible for at least 51% of global greenhouse gas emissions, which is far more than the 18% previously estimated by the United Nations.
It went on to highlight similarly held positions by public figures such as vegetarian Chairman of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, who has called lower meat consumption “the most attractive opportunity.”

The article also quoted climate and economics expert Lord Stern of Brentford, UK, who more recently affirmed meat’s heavy carbon footprint and waste of the world’s resources.

The review concluded by sharing a statement from Justin Kerswell, campaign manager for vegetarian group Viva!, who said, “The case for reducing consumption of meat and dairy products was already imperative based on previous UN findings.

Now it appears to have been proven that the environmental devastation from livestock production is in fact staggeringly more significant…. It is essential that attention is fully focused on the impact of livestock production by all global organizations with the power to affect policy.”  

We thank journalist Martin Hickman and The Independent for this thoughtful review of a highly relevant study, one that clearly indicates that change of diet is a priority to halt climate change. May more people and leaders be informed of such findings and act swiftly while there is still time.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has often cited the dire consequences of meat consumption and the urgent need to halt it, as during a June 2008 videoconference with our Association members in London, England.

Supreme Master Ching Hai : From all the scientific facts, from all the reports, we know the cars,the garbage, they are not the main cause of global warming. They are not the main polluter of the planet.
They are not the main cause of the killer. For example, methane is like  72 times more potent than CO2. And nitrous oxide is approximately 300 times more potent than CO2. And livestock is the number one cause
of methane.

And byproducts, also nitrous oxide is also from livestock. Meat, eggs, dairy, responsible for 65% of worldwide human-caused nitrous oxide emissions.

All the cost of deforestation, all the cost of transportation, all the cost of water, all the cost of medicine, all the cost of sickness, all the cost of building hospitals, training more doctors and making more medicines,
and all the heartache of being sick and causing trouble for the loved ones by being sick. And then all the trouble or the cost of war because of hunger, because of food insecurity.

Now vegetarianismis the only solution. It's the best, the fastest solution. I pray that people in the world wake up on time and just forsake that piece of meat, then everything will be just fine. Everything will be beautiful, nice, peaceful.