Former pig farmer urges all to be veg - 15 Sep 2009  
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To date, strains of this novel swine flu virus have claimed the lives of 3,639 people globally, with total cases approaching 300,000.

However, the true number of infections is far larger as it is difficult to measure. Bangladesh alone
estimates that 50,000 people are actually afflicted.

Among the countries with new fatalities are India and South Korea, while new cases were just reported in Formosa (Taiwan), Macau, Yemen, Egypt, and in Finland, where the total is now 240.
According to researchers of a new study on swine flu, the biggest fear is in the chance that the swine flu will be present long enough to combine with an extremely lethal form of the bird flu. The new study found that pigs, most likely raised on farms, had mixed different flu strains together over time, and thus played a large role in forming the deadly 1918 influenza pandemic, which eventually killed up to 100 million people worldwide.

The current swine flu virus has been the result of a similar pattern.
It has always been the wise counsel of Supreme Master Ching Hai to refrain from consuming meat in order to avoid harmful consequences, including pandemic diseases.

Other experts have also pointed to livestock or animal hunting settings as major factors of past and present plagues.

(Laurie Garrett, author of “The Coming Plague” and Senior Fellow of Council of Foreign Affairs; Dr. Michael Greger)
Having become aware of this through watching Supreme Master Television, Mr. Luo Hon-Xhian, a former pig farmer from Lin Ko township, Formosa (Taiwan), quit the family business and has become vegan.

His reasons are that raising animals for meat causes negative retribution and also pollutes the environment.

 Luo Hon-Xian – Former pig farm owner (M): Because I know that what I am doing now is creating bad karma, so  choose not to raise pigs anymore. There are many ways to make a living.
Raising pigs is not the only way.

VOICE: At first Mr. Luo was met with much opposition from his family, but later his mother agreed and also became vegan.

Luo Hon-Xian (M): If no one eats meat, no animal will be killed.
This is how we adhered to the vegan diet, slowly. It’s really amazing as eating a vegan diet has made me look benevolent, while eating meat doesn’t. Adhering to the vegan diet also makes me calmer.

VOICE: But more gratifying than his health is the relief of knowing his family is protected.

Luo Hon-Xian (M):
The worst thing is the invisible retribution that will come to you after you leave this world. Therefore, it is best that we do not raise pigs. They have souls, and killing causes retribution and reincarnation.

VOICE: Now planning to urge other pig farmers to do the same, Mr. Luo has decided to raise his pigs that were once destined for slaughter, as cherished pets for life.

Congratulations and thank you Mr. Luo Hon-Xian for your courageous and loving decisions. We pray for those directly and indirectly suffering due to the swine flu virus, and for our world to be transformed through our actions to a safer, peaceful place that is free of avoidable threats as these.