Swine flu grips schools as China braces for tens of millions of infections - 14 Sep 2009  
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Around 135 students in eastern Zimbabwe and 400 pupils in the northern Mexican state of Sinaloa were found to have swine flu symptoms. In response, officials in Sinaloa’s main city of Culiacan shut down 1,400 schools, with no scheduled re-opening date.

The kingdom of Jordan also reported 37 sickened students, adding to the country’s 185 afflicted so far.

Liang Wannian, China’s Deputy Director of the Health Ministry’s emergency office announced that tens of millions of people could become infected with the swine flu, with fatalities. So far there have been around 7,000 laboratory-tested cases alone in China, half of which occurred since the end of August, with 95 percent originating inside the country’s borders.

With the European Centers for Disease Prevention and Control now tallying 3,606 worldwide fatalities,diagnosed cases continue to surge in different regions.

Within a one-day period, Europe had 455 swine flu cases, the majority of which were in Germany, UK, and Italy. Formosa’s (Taiwan’s) central epidemic Command Center reported the number of people hospitalized has exceeded 200, 17 of whom were admitted on Friday.

In Zambia, two nurses attending swine flu patients became the latest cases there, while Egyptian officials reported 15 new cases on Thursday, bringing the total to 860.

Globally, the number of people who have been infected is believed to range in at least the millions, far more than the officially confirmed cases, now at 277,607 according to the World Health Organization.

Our sympathies for those coping with the loss or suffering of a loved one. While disheartened by this relentless trend, we pray all world citizens awaken to the one and only solution to
eliminate risk of further such health disasters – that is, to adopt the life-protecting animal-free diet.