Dairy industry adds to rainforest destruction - 25 Aug 2009  
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A report from Greenpeace Aotearoa New Zealand states that the dairy industry’s use of palm kernel expeller (PKE) as a feed supplement is destroying rainforests and increasing global warming.

PKE is a byproduct of milling palm oil from palm plantations, such as those in Southeast Asia, which are grown on land that was once rainforest.

The report also said that 1.5 million hectares of rainforest would have been cleared just to produce the 1.1 million tons needed by one country in 2008.

Immense amounts of greenhouse gases are released in the clearing process, not to mention the loss of habitat for critically endangered animals such as the orangutan.
Our sincere thanks, Greenpeace Aotearoa New Zealand for informing of yet another adverse effect of animal product consumption.

In realizing that our lifestyle choices impact all parts of the world, may everyone soon realize the veg diet as the most Earth-saving option.