Global swine flu deaths surge - 6 Sep 2009  
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With the World Health Organization (WHO) stating that swine flu has become the predominant virus in 180 countries spanning both the northern and southern hemispheres, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control is now reporting 3,355 fatalities based on international governments’ reports.

A Naples man became the first swine flu loss in Italy, and an Albanian was the second death in Greece.
To minimize the spread of the swine flu in Qatar, several schools are asking students who traveled abroad during the summer to delay their return for a week and to produce a doctor’s certificate affirming their health. On Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, the rapid spread of swine flu has caused two deaths and
infected 49,700 people.

Meanwhile, researchers at the French Institute for Public Health Surveillance have found that obesity appears to be a contributing factor to the disease, increasing the likelihood of the swine flu’s fatality.

Studies show that meat-free diets lower the risk of obesity and are rich in immune-boosting nutrients.

We are saddened by the relentless climb in swine flu casualties, and pray that our swift actions will stop such a tragic trend. Let us all protect our lives and those of our loved ones by choosing the humane and nutritious vegan fare.