Swine flu toll continues with impact worldwide - 4 Sep 2009  
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Indeed, the virus is striking at a pace so rapid that officials are no longer able to keep up, with fatalities alone totaling 3,270.

A report just released from the European College of Cardiology Congress in Barcelona, Spain cautions that patients with heart disease are extremely vulnerable to the effects of the swine flu.

Concerns for the flu are also plentiful in schools across the Northern Hemisphere, including Palestine, where the Ministries of Health and Education have formed a joint task force to reduce the spread of the flu.

The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports the flu is spreading more quickly in the Southeast, where children went back to school earlier after the summer. Over 50 percent of the US colleges and universities who track the swine flu have reported infected students, with more than 1,600 confirmed cases in the first few weeks of school.

Hospitalizations in Formosa (Taiwan) have increased to 104. Norway is reporting a first fatality from swine flu, while South Korea is accounting for her fourth. Macao has also had a first death from swine flu, and Indonesia has seen the loss of two more lives.

Yemeni officials have reported four new cases, bringing the total to 28, and Lebanon reported a total of 792 cases with two perished, including a three-year-old girl.

In China, cases grew to 3,981. Our condolences go to all suffering the loss of a loved one as we pray for those stricken by the illness.

Let us halt all danger of swine flu and similar infections by stopping the consumption of meat and turning to the freedom of animal-free wholesome vegan fare.