US President Obama emphasizes swine flu precautions - 3 Sep 2009  
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At a press briefing on Monday, US President Barack Obama outlined the importance of working together to minimize the spread of the swine flu pandemic.

(Press briefing)
President Barack Obama – United States (M): We need hospitals and health care providers to continue preparing for an increased patient load, and to take steps to protect health care workers.
We need families and businesses to ensure that they have plans in place if a family member, a child, or a co-worker contracts the flu and needs to stay home.

And most importantly we need everyone to get informed about individual risk factors, and we need everyone to take the common-sense steps that we know can make a difference.

Stay home if you're sick. Wash your hands frequently. Cover your sneezes with your sleeve, not your hands. And take all the necessary precautions to stay healthy.

VOICE: In the past week, confirmed cases globally have reached 268,609, although actual cases are expected to be far more prevalent. Of those stricken, 470 this past week succumbed to swine flu, bringing total deaths to 3,097.

Brazil has the world’s highest death toll at 557, closely followed by the United States, then Argentina.
Mexico’s Health Minister Jose Angel Cordova stated that the country’s swine flu infections could surpass 1 million cases in the winter.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that children are 14 times more likely to be afflicted by swine flu compared to the typical at-risk group for seasonal flu, which are people over age 60.

We thank you Your Excellency President Obama and all world leaders, health care workers, and institutions for leading efforts to minimize the threat of swine flu.

With prayers for the grieving families and hospitalized patients, we urge all people to consider the ultimate precaution of an immune boosting organic vegan diet, whose collective practice could tremendously prevent new viruses.