Swine flu continues to claim victims - 2 Sep 2009  
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The dangerous nature of swine flu is reflected in ongoing reports of lost lives from around the world. Total fatalities are at 3,049, while the number of people stricken globally has risen so quickly and so high that officials say they can no longer track them.

In an update on human losses, Sweden announced her first swine flu fatality and Bangladesh also reported a first swine flu death when a 37-year-old woman passed away.

New Zealand’s casualties have risen to at least 17, while the perishing of two East Javanese women brought Indonesia’s death toll to eight, and Singapore’s death toll climbed to 15.

Thailand has reported 11 new deaths in the past week, totaling 130, while India’s death toll has reached 102.
Twenty-one African nations so far are officially known to have been affected by the flu, and movement of a British Royal Navy ship off the Falklands was crippled when at least 8 sailors were brought down from swine flu.

In Âu Lạc (Vietnam), cases steeply increased with 300 new patients in just two days. Not only swine flu, but also avian flu, HIV, typhoid and other widespread illnesses all developed through the factor of unnatural interaction with animals, namely, killing them for their meat.

What’s more, further combinations of swine and avian flu strains could produce a whole new and more deadly pandemic. Our sorrow and prayers for the growing number of people lost to swine flu worldwide, and our regret for the disruption of people’s daily activities and sense of safety.

To avert this avoidable suffering, let us all act in adopting the vegan diet so that families may live out their natural lives together.