Health care workers to decline swine flu vaccine - 27 Aug 2009  
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Half of 2,255 health care workers surveyed in Hong Kong have revealed they would refuse the swine flu vaccine due to concerns over its side-effects and effectiveness.

Moreover, a third of British health care workers also stated they would not take the vaccine.
US investigative journalist Wayne Madsen has revealed that some of the vaccine developers themselves are concerned, stating, “I know from talking to people in the research community, even scientists who helped develop the vaccine for small pox are saying they are not going to take (it) and are urging their friends and family not to take this vaccine either.”

Meanwhile, a third pig farm in Australia has been quarantined after 450 of the pigs began showing flu-like symptoms, raising once again the fear that the flu will mutate within a pig and return in a more virulent and even deadlier form for humans.

The incidence of the swine flu continues to increase worldwide, with Hong Kong reporting 245 new cases, bringing the total to 9,350.

Europe’s health agency has noted the occurrence of 1,000 new cases, 585 of which were in Germany. People afflicted in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) rose to 2,073, and to 40,000 in Formosa (Taiwan).

The US President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology has warned that in the United States, cases could become so widespread this flu season that doctors’ offices and hospitals may become full to capacity.

In Mexico, at least 15 additional fatalities have raised the official total to 179, while a 56-year-old woman
in France became second to perish in the nation.

Kuwait and Scotland each reported their third death, Nicaragua announced a second loss of life to swine flu,
and Singapore has recorded a 13th fatality. The combined reports officially tallied by all 180 afflicted countries
reach a total of more than 254,947 cases,  including 2,627 who have lost their lives.

Actual cases, however, are far too many to count and underreported, since the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has stopped adding world cases.

Our concerned sympathy for those recovering from the swine flu or suffering from the loss of a loved one. May our world find a means to avoid the potentially devastating effects of this illness through the sure safety of the organic vegan diet. Indeed it is a vital step for all beings to live in lasting health and harmonious co-existence.