Formosa (Taiwan) warns of flu epidemic in two weeks - 25 Aug 2009  
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The Taiwan Center for Disease Control (CDC) is encouraging the public to be vigilant in protecting their health
as CDC spokesperson Lin Ting (林頂) cautioned of an early flu season due to the spread of swine flu.

He stated, “At the moment, we have more than 9,000 flu cases every week and we expect to have an additional 10,000 flu patients, including cases of swine flu, in the coming weeks.”

Hong Kong reported an additional 271 cases overnight, approaching a total of nearly 10,000, and the Palestinian West Bank announced 14 new cases.

Meanwhile, Greece confirmed her first death from swine flu, Oman her fourth and India a 64th loss of life.Considering that most worldwide cases are never tested or reported, the steady climb of official swine flu numbers is still alarming.

Records reveal that least 253,169 people have been sickened, including 2,572 fatalities.
To slow the virus’ spread, Finland’s public transportation companies are implementing stricter sanitary measures. Rail company VR plans to place infected passengers in a separate area for long distance trips while Viking Line Cruise Company is offering disinfectant at the entrance of ships and restaurants while implementing more thorough cleaning practices.

Our gratitude all health officials and others around the globe for your diligent efforts to preserve public health.
We wish those suffering a quick recovery. May Heaven comfort the families of those who have succumbed to the swine flu as we pray for the end of this and all afflictions through kinder, more virtuous ways of life.