Vaccine readiness delay amidst side effect concerns - 22 Aug 2009  
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Officials from the US Department of Health and Human Services have announced that supplies and distribution of the swine flu vaccine will be delayed due to manufacturers’ development setbacks.

It is expected that just 45 million doses will be ready by October 15, half of what was originally predicted.
Meanwhile, Barbara Loe Fisher, author and president of the US National Vaccine Information Center, has joined others in raising concerns about the upcoming swine flu vaccine, citing the 500 people who developed a rare paralysis-causing disease called Guillain-Barré Syndrome and 25 people who died from it after a large 1976 swine flu vaccination campaignin the US.

Saying that the new vaccine is similar to the one of 1976, she stated, “In one case out of 100,000 shots, a flu vaccine could cause total paralysis that you can either recover from or die from or get permanently paralyzed.”
The vast majority of swine flu cases go unreported. However, official tallies gathered by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control show a total of 248,941 cases in almost 180 countries, including 2,430 fatalities.

This week alone, the United Kingdom confirmed an additional 10 persons who perished, bringing the sum toll to 59.Fatalities and cases have also risen in Malaysia, to 68 and 5,300, respectively. The city of New Delhi, India reported her first two loss of life, bringing the nation’s death toll to 36.

The United Arab Emirates saw a first swine flu fatality, and Saudi Arabia, two more deaths among some 2,000 cases. Kuwait’s Health Ministry reported 332 cases this week, and Iran’s cases jumped from 196 to 238. With swine flu cases reaching 40 in Mauritius, the government has closed all schools until the end of the month.

Our sympathies to those whose loved ones have been lost, and prayers for the full recovery of ones fallen ill.
May such plagues of present and future leave us – as they would through the widespread shift to the wholesome vegan diet which is sure to boost both personal and global immunity.