Swine flu vaccine may have harmful side effects - 18 Aug 2009  
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Professor Elizabeth Miller of the UK’s Health Protection Agency recently sent a letter to 600 neurologists, stating a concern that administering the vaccine could trigger the nerve disorder Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS).

This disease,which causes paralysis and can be fatal, was seen after the launch of the 1976 swine flu vaccination program.

Careful advancements with testing and use of the vaccine is thus deemed necessary.The swine flu pandemic is far from waning, as the official count alone mounts daily, though representing only a small portion of the true afflicted population.

In at least 169 countries and territories globally, there have been 231,353 people affected, with 2,107 who have perished.

A first case of swine flu has been diagnosed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and those in India swelled from 165 to 1,708. Indonesia’s afflicted now exceed 850. China is requiring that all children who have had contact with swine flu stay home from school for seven days.

Two patients in Seattle, Washington, USA with the country’s first antibiotic-resistant swine flu add to the rising number of nations with this antiviral-resistant strain.

Meanwhile, South African swine flu deaths have doubled in two weeks, as India has reported her 25th loss of life, and South Korea her second.

Our thanks, Professor Miller, British Health Protection Agency and world health officials for warning of the disturbing risk from swine flu vaccines.

Our prayers go to the families of those who have lost loved ones, as we express our best wishes for a full and rapid recovery for all those currently afflicted.

May we prevent the spread of such devastating illnesses by choosing the safest, most humane, and protective organic vegan diet.