Swine flu protection with a healthy vegan diet - 15 Aug 2009  
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Globally, the official tally of swine flu cases has reached 226,065, with 2004 fatalities in 168 countries and territories. However, these numbers are considered by experts to be but a fraction of the total.

With Peru’s recent report that seven members of the Amazonian Matsigenka tribe tested positive for swine flu,alarm is being raised that the flu will reach other remote areas with extremely limited health services.
Israel, India, and the Australian states of Queensland and New South Wales have just reported new fatalities.
Australia has seen four times the number of people visiting hospital emergency rooms than during a typical flu season.

Recent announcements from the World Health Organization, the UK’s National Health Service, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention all highlight projections that swine flu levels within the next few months will fill hospitals to overcapacity, while the number of vaccines produced will be insufficient to meet the needs of the global population.

Others have raised ethical concerns that the vaccines are made through inhumane practices involving infecting and killing monkeys, with their body parts used in the vaccines.

Supreme Master Television spoke with author and raw food chef Paul Nison to learn of natural approaches to protect against disease including the swine flu.

Mr. Nison was able to avoid surgery and has obtained relief from symptoms of Crohn’s Disease by switching from a meat and dairy-laden diet to pure, raw vegan fare.

He has since assisted people worldwide in overcoming viral infections through this healthy approach to eating.
Paul Nison – Author, lecturer, vegan raw food gourmet chef, USA (M): We have to eat the fruits and the vegetables, and get away from the processed food.

On top of that, you add chlorophyll rich green juices, like the wheatgrass to get the oxygen back in the body, the algaes; those really help tremendously, and basically essential oils to help build the body up, natural herbs.

Then it’s maintenance, being on a good diet to avoid getting sick again.I see people every day of my life that
make the right choices and overcome these incurable diseases.

VOICE: Our thanks and shared enthusiasm Mr. Nison, for your immune-boosting diet suggestions. With sorrow for those afflicted and our concern for potentially inadequate treatment, we pray for everyone’s protection at this time of pandemic and other intractable diseases, wishing true and lasting refuge for all in the vitalizing and virtuous organic vegan way of life.