Egyptian Health Minister warns of avian and swine flu combination - 11 Aug 2009  
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Egyptian Health Minister warns of avian and swine flu combination.

From a total number of 82 confirmed human cases of avian flu in Egypt, 27 have died in what is the highest fatality rate in the world. Egypt’s Health Minister Hatem Al-Gabali has raised his concern that this deadly H5N1 avian flu could combine with the current H1N1 swine flu pandemic to produce a more virulent and lethal form of human swine flu. He thus encouraged all citizens to responsibly consider precautionary measures to prevent the spread of either virus.

On official record, representing a small fraction of actual cases, 212,008 people in 168 countries and territories have been confirmed with the swine flu. Of these, 1,717 cases have been fatal. Barbados reported her first confirmed case. In Israel, with 2,000 confirmed cases, health officials estimate that thousands have caught the swine flu virus without knowing it. Iran has stopped flights to Saudi Arabia during the holy month of Ramadan to reduce the incidence of the swine flu virus spreading. Iraq reported her first death, and Malaysia has indicated 8 new deaths bringing the country’s total to 26. Hong Kong saw a recent surge of 199 cases, bringing the total to 5,407 regionally.

May Heaven comfort those mourning the loss of loved ones due to swine flu, and grace the now afflicted with a rapid recovery. In the wake of this painful ongoing event, let us be determined to prevent the feared consequence of future viral mutations by choosing the most cruelty-free and immunity-boosting plant-based diet, thus safeguarding all lives.