European Union Noble Deeds   
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We sincerely thank the European Union for your noble leadership that extends beyond borders in protecting the health and well-being of those in need throughout the world.  Following are some of the European Union’s shining examples of goodness, generosity, and unconditional brotherly love in action.
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  1. Iran and the European Union resume and successfully complete nuclear talks.
  2. European Union progressively reduces peace keeping forces with improved peace in the Balkans.
  3. European Commission stated it would financially support measures re-uniting Greek and Turkish Cypress. 
  4. European Union seeks best approaches to assist Somalia find peace and stability.
  5. European Union supports peace keeping in Somalia with 15 million euros. 
  6. European Union contributes €103 million to Côte d’Ivoire for the country’s peace development.
  7. European Union re-establishes relations with Palestinian government, including Hamas. 
  8. European Union representative meets Iran delegate to discuss stabilizing of situation in Iraq.
  9. European Union hosts meeting to support Arab Mideast peace initiative.
  10. The European Union and the US urge for a peaceful solution between Turkey and Iraq.
  11. EU visits Lebanon, calls for stability and offers support.
  12. European Union reduces troops in Bosnia-Hercegovina after helping to keep peace since 2002.
  13. The European Union and Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) join hands in pursuing peace.
  14. European Union oversees the peace process, offering Aceh Freedom Movement (GAM) a political voice.
  1. European Union considers ban on all indoor smoking in public areas to end passive smoke effects.
  2. European Commission gives priority to climate change issues at June 2007 G8 Summit.
  3. European Union Commissioner asks Germany to impose speed limits to help reduce global warming.
  4. European Union encourages businesses to get involved in preserving our Earth’s ecosystem.
  5. Compliance with European Union’s renewable power specifications leads Italy to double its wind energy supply.
  6. European Union’s example inspires Moscow to introduce food labeling for non-genetically modified ingredients.
  7. European Union Donates US$3.5 million to bring solar power to low-income communities in Honduras.
  8. European Union passed a directive requiring all EU countries to ban tobacco ads in all publications.
  9. The European Union promises more carbon cuts after United Nations climate report.
  10. The European Commission gives financial support to the Instituto Tecnologico de Canarias (ITC), to help with renewable energy projects.
  11. Europe’s rail transport system receives a boost with new efficient high-speed TVG service.
  12. European Union engages business community to protect biodiversity and save the planet.
  13. To help curb greenhouse gas emissions, all airlines coming or going from European Union airports are now asked to participate in the EU's carbon-trading scheme. 
  14. By 2010, countries in the European Union are expected to obtain 22% of their energy needs from renewable energy.
  15. European Parliament recently recommended a series of initiatives which will directly impact town planning improvements.
  16. The European Union promotes green energy by hosting green Energy Globe Awards.
  17. The European Union’s sets higher standards to identify and prevent polluting substances from ships in all seas and to any ship calling on European ports.
  18. European Commission plans to reduce power station and domestic grid emissions 50% by 2050.   
  19. The European Union raises car emission guidelines and provides tax incentives to manufacturers. 
  20. European Union member countries embrace energy saving strategy to reduce emissions. 
  21. European Union employs regulations requiring electronics manufacturers to provide free disposal of consumer waste. 
  22. European Union sponsors first Sustainable Energy Week.
  23. European Union Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals [REACH] law is designed to provide environmentally safe ingredients to 30,000 commonly used products, from soap to baby food.
  24. European Union to switch to energy-saving light bulbs by 2009 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 
  25. European Union’s twenty-seven member states commit to obtain 20% of energy needs from green sources and 20% emissions reduction by 2020. 
  26. European Union drafts plans to change overall energy consumption to support 50% reduction in CO2 by 2050. 
  27. European Union plans to invest US$1.2 trillion in renewable energies over the next 25 years.
  28. Europe becomes world leader in addressing climate change. 
Animal Welfare
  1. European Union bans sale, import and production of cat and dog fur. 
  2. European Union passes regulations to protect animals during transit. 
  3. European vegetarians and vegans promote healthy vegetarian lifestyle in streets of Paris. 
  4. European Parliament member Sir Robert Atkins proposed two new updates on the 2006-2010 Animal Welfare Act. 
  5. European Union to ban cosmetic animal testing by 2009.
  6. European Union animal law requires nations to pursue alternatives to animal testing, based on the “3Rs” principle -- Replacement, Reduction and Refinement of the use of animals in experiments.
  7. European Parliament lawmakers have recently issued a Declaration, signed by 368 EU lawmakers, insisting that the European Union ban all trade in two types of the harp and hooded seal.
  1. European Union offers Uganda $2 million for food security.
  2. European Union contributes  €75 million to Yemen to help raise living conditions, finance agriculture and food security programs.
  3. European Union donates US$40 million for WFP relief efforts in Sudan.
  4. European Union urges wealthy nations to contribute generously to African nations in need.
  5. Ukraine to receive aid from the European Commission.
  6. The European Union contributes towards child education in Afganistan.
  7. European Union aids Ethiopia in joint donation of US$915 million, together with UK, Canada, Ireland, US and Sweden.
  8. The European Union promises to help Sweden set up a system for Iraqi asylum-seekers.
  9. The European Union donates US$2 million to aid cyclone-hit Madagascar.
  10. European Union donates US$1.5 million for Cambodia to prevent natural disasters.
  11. The European Commission assists displaced Colombians with €12 million aid.
  12. The European Union donates $2 million to the people of cyclone-hit Madagasgar.
  13. European Union announces aid of €160 million to Colombia for 2007-2013, granted mainly through peace and stability initiatives
  14. European Union provides additional €713 million aid to the Andean Community (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela) for 2007-2013 after contributing €408 million for 2002-2006.
  15. European Union contributes €26 million in relief funding for victims of the Chechen conflict, with total aid over €200 million, making EU the leading donor in the region.
  16. The European Commission adopts humanitarian aid decision of €9.5 million to help meet the winter needs of women and children in North Korea (2003).
  17. European Union provided a €1 million relief package to Bolivia after hearing of the effects from a series of floods, hail, snow and heavy frosts
  18. European Union donates € 2.710,000  million to Philippines following 2006 typhoons. 
  19. European Union provides € 16 million to Tanzania to help feed refugees from other countries. 
  20. European Union asks Italy and Germany to lead campaign against the death penalty. 
  21. European Union and United Nations Children’s Fund provide US$1.2 million to benefit Angolan water projects. 
  22. European Commission donates €12  million for disaster preparedness
  23. European Commission Humanitarian Aid department donated US$1.3 million to the World Food Program.
  24. European Union members seek solutions for Iraqi refugees, offering aid and asylum.
  25. European Union offered financial assistance to any member country choosing to take in Iraqi refugees.
  26. European Union funding brings CARE's mobile medical units with medical supplies and treatment to villagers in remote areas of Palestine.
  27. European Union members provides more foreign aid as a percentage of income than any country outside Europe, and ranks consistently at the top of indices of national generosity.
Good Government - International Relations
  1. European Union’s Temporary International Mechanism used by United Kingdom to provide £2.2 million to unpaid Palestinian public workers.
  2. European Union to expand mutual co-operation with Association of Southeast South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), addressing world issues such as security and climate change to benefit people’s lives.
  3. European Union Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou seeks comprehensive public smoking ban. 
  4. European Union calls for clean, smoke-free environment in all public places. 
  5. European Union approves new project to develop vaccine against Alzheimer’s. 
  6. European Union launches “Stay Healthy, Stop Mercury” campaign to protect citizens from mercury toxicity in fish and other sources. 
  7. European Union asks Italy and Germany to lead campaign against the death penalty. 
  8. European Union and Iran make progress on nuclear talks.
  9. The European Union and US agree to create greater trade and investment together through harmonizing regulations.
  10. The European Parliament supports the European Commission to reduce mobile roaming fees between European Union member states.
  11. European Union signs agreement with Moldava enabling freedom of travel within EEC.
  12. The European Union adds two more countries, Romania and Bulgaria, bringing the total to 27 countries.
  13. European Union presidency pledges to strengthen ties with Africa.
  14. European Union has passed legislation for a continental wide breast screening program to reduce mortality rates of breast cancer.
  15. European Union opens its countries’ doors to scientists and researchers.
  16. European Union contributed €1.2 million through EU-Moldova Action Plan.
  17. European Union partners with China on energy, environment, trade and human rights.
  18. European Union vows to work for peace with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.
  19. European Union plans to regulate the sale of negative and unfriendly video games.
  20. European Union amplifies efforts to create global ban on capital punishment. 
  21. European Union celebrates 2007 as the "European Year of Equal Opportunities for All.” 
We thank you again Europe for all that you do.  May heaven continue to bless the European Union with success in your noble mission, to bridge global relationship and bring peace and happiness to all co-inhabitants on our planet.
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