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 The special live broadcast of the Seminar’s discussion with Supreme Master Ching Hai on June 29 at 9:30 am on Sunday, Central European Time.

Formosan Seminar asks “What Can I Do?” In an effort to clarify the roles of the government and citizens in solving global warming,

a unique seminar will be held in Formosa (Taiwan) on Sunday, June 29. It is titled, "2008 Critical Moment to Save the Earth: What Can I Do?”

Some of Formosa’s influential government officials will be speaking on areas of focus for both the executive branch of government and legislators. Local governments have also recently displayed impressive leadership through their examples of how to be green and go vegetarian for the planet. The Taipei City mayor and a number of legislators have pledged to go veg in recent months.

Hsiao, Chia-Chi, Deputy Mayor, Taichung City, Formosa (Taiwan) (e): I have been vegetarian for 2 months now since April 22nd, the Earth Day. Doing so at least is to protect the Earth, as well as care for lives, especially the lives of the little animals which are also as important. After being vegetarian, I feel good and energetic.

Animal meat consumes more energy during the process and so does the process of raising animals for food. For example, cows, goats, and pigs, their waste and the food for their feed actually consumse quite a lot of energy and resources of the Earth. Therefore, cutting down meat consumption means protecting the Earth. 

Invited to discuss an  important aspect of “What People Can Do?” is Supreme Master Ching Hai, who has graciously agreed to join the seminar as a special guest speaker via videoconference. Following the seminar, a concert for Mother Earth will be held in the evening.

We look forward to this meaningful forum and wish the participants a fruitful discussion, with a clear vision emerging of solutions to restore our Earth.

Please tune in to Supreme Master Television for the special live broadcast of the Seminar’s discussion with Supreme Master Ching Hai, this Sunday, June 29 at  3:30 pm Formosan (Taiwan) time, or 9:30 am on Sunday, Central European Time.
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