Veggie Shrimp Cocktail   
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Shrimp Cocktail
Vegetarian Shrimps
Lettuce/Salad (optional)
Creamy Salad Dresssing/
Veggie Cocktail Sauce
Ketchup & Mustard (optional)
Cherry tomatoes

Chop Chuey:
3-4 tablespoons olive oil
Pinch of salt
Assorted Vegetables:
* Mushrooms
* Carrotsy
* Celery
* Beans
Soya sprouts
½ cup water
2½ cooking spoons of juice
1½ - 2 tablespoon Soy Sauce or Maggi Sauce
1 vegetarian broth cube
Starch (arrowroot / corn flour)
Bell peppers (optional)
Vegetarian Ham / Vegetarian Beef
Fried tofu
Thai Rice

Shrimp Cocktail
  1. Boil or microwave the vegan shrimp to warm it up.
  2. Halve the vegan shrimp or don’t halve it, optional.
  3. Take a bowl, if the bowl is deep put a bed of salad underneath, then decorate around it.
  4. Put the vegan shrimp inside the bowl and put the sauce on top of it.
  5. Use ketchup and mustard sauce as the sauce.
  6. Decorate with some cherry tomatoes.
  7. Ready to be served.
How to Cook Rice without Electricity Cooker
  1. Start a fire by using dry leaves and some twigs.
  2. Meanwhile, wash the rice two or three times and drain the water.
  3. Put the rice on a pot, and then add filtered water.
  4. To know the right amount of water, just flatten the rice surface with fingers. The water level should be up to the first part of the index finger.
  5. Put the pot on the fire and let it boil and let the water subsides.
  6. To avoid that it will boil over, just open the lid a little bit so that the steam will come out.
  7. Check for the rice once a while. When it begins to boil a little while and the water seems to be a little less, stir a little bit so that it’s not too much on one side, and did not burn somehow.
  8. When all the water is gone, stir it one time well and then cover the pot again. Don’t open it again until later.
  9. At this stage, it’s important to put the rice on one side and not leave it in the middle of the fire. After a while, turn it to the other side. Maybe after two minutes later. Keep turning until it goes back to the same spot again. Like this the rice won’t burn.
  10. Keep turning until the rice is well cooked.
Simple Chinese Chop Choy
  1. Slice the mushroom, slice the carrot, slice the beans, slice the leek.
  2. Prepare some soya spouts, some coriander and celery, some vegetarian beef, and some little fried tofu.
  3. Heat about 3-4 spoons of olive oil in a wok.
  4. Add in a little bit of salt in it, or just put the salt later. Optional.
  5. Meanwhile, dissolve one cube of vegetarian broth cube in hot water.
  6. Prepare a little bit of starch to thicken the sauce, and a little bit of salt. Use cold water to prepare it.
  7. Mix the broth cube solution with the starch solution. Set it aside.
  8. When the oil already hot, add in the leek. Let it golden.
  9. Add in the mushroom and let it fry a little bit.
  10. Add in the carrot, stir.
  11. Throw in the celery, and stir it all up.
  12. Add in the bean.
  13. Add in a little water like half a cup of water.
  14. Add in any juice available about two and a half cooking spoons.
  15. Add in the ham and the tofu.
  16. Stir it all in and let it simmer.
  17. Put in a little bit of Maggi or soy sauce. About 1 ½ - 2 tablespoons.
  18. Add in the soya sprouts.
  19. Put in half of the coriander, and put the rest later on top for decoration.
  20. Add in the starch mixture and mix.
  21. The chop choy is ready.
  22. For serving, put the chop choy on top of the warm rice.
  23. Put a little sauce on the rice and a little coriander on top of the rice.
  24. Ready to be served.

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