An Interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai by James Bean of Spiritual Awakening Radio    Part 1
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Okay,how's your day?
So so?
*I felt sick.
Sick? (*Yes.)
What happened? Cold?
You have cold?
“Achoo,achoo!”? Did you take medicine?
You did? Good,good. Now no “achoo”?
*I feel better. I feel better.
No more “achoo” now?
*A little.
A little “achoo”? Okay,here is some candy.
*Thank you,Master.
Good for your throat. If you cough,and itchy.
Thank you,thank you,Master.
Every 3,4 hours,one. I take one in case you just give me something. I got it all the time. It's “free to download.” Okay. There are some guys supposed to be here and I never see them. There's Slovenian - how many people?
*Slovenian? Five.
I saw... There's also Damjan. Damjan's here also?
* Next weekend. Next weekend.
They said “coming.” Okay,next week? Okay,so you take turns,right? (*Yes.) What's he doing?
Working where?
*In the bank.
Bank. (Q (f): Yes. Yes.) A lot of money. Very secure. His father also?
*His father,no work.
And your son?
*My son?
What he's doing?
*He is at home. At home.
No work?
* One day work,next day doesn't work. Yes,driving and helping in the hospital.
Understand. So sometimes have work,sometimes don't have work.
(Yes.) Okay,it depends. They call. (*Yes.)
That's good. That's good. He likes driving,it's good. He used to drive me crazy.
He's very good but he loves me too much,you know? When he sits next to me,he t doesn't want to move. He tells everybody else,“Move,do something.”
Okay. You came here before,right? Or not? Some of you came here before? (Yes.)
You see the difference?
* Different. Yes. Yes.
Big work. (Yes.)
He's the one who takes care of all that.
Remember him in your will. He helps a lot; he's an architect,of course he'd help us. Of course,I am the super architect. I tell him what to do and he tells everybody else what to do,and everybody else tells everybody else what to do. Big team. We take care of the middle obstruction,so it feels better now? Yes?
If you can't finish it,send it to the office.
*Thank you,Master.
Okay,you're welcome.
Come over, the two of you. Who are they?
*They worked on electricity and plumbing for two months.
Electricity and plumbing. Come over.
*The two of them are plumber-electricians,with an older gentleman.
*Thank you,Master.
*He works on engineering.
That's all? Didn't you say we have two plumber-electricians?
*Yes. These two elderly gentlemen who are over 70 years old.
Enough? (Yes,enough.)
Anyone else?
*No more.
Take it to give it to everybody. Okay,you can also take some.
*Thank you,Master.
There,there,there. Everybody,they can take it themselves. The ones who don't have,take,yes?  You can give it to your children when you go back. I looked for you for a long time but I couldn't find you. Now you're here,but someone is looking for you. Okay,all right.
Look at all this? You had some,no?
Yes,one or two enough. Look at me, I have only one. There. I'm supposed to have everything. I have only one candy,no? Okay. Everybody okay,yes?
You don't feel tired or anything?
* No.
How? How are you so good like that? How old are you? You.
Fifty-five? (Yes.)
You are tired or not tired? (* Yes.)
A little tired? So must be 60,that's why. So what do you do,retired? Still working?
Retired. And what do you do all day?
I know you meditate,yes,and then what else?
*Meditate and cooking.
*Shopping and…
I want to ask because I'm planning my future,you know? See,if any good idea for the 60's,you know? Tell me. Yes,shopping,that I know already. What else? Cooking,I know already. I'm too lazy to cook now,except for the show. What else?
*Go to the mountain.
Go to the mountain? (Yes.) I already live on the mountain. That's out. Shopping,okay; cooking,fine; mountain,no. Okay,what else?
*Working in the garden.
Working in the garden?
Okay. Maybe. What else? What do you do in the garden? Plant flowers? (Yes and…)
Plant salad and all that?
You have big garden? Big or small?
*Medium. Yes.
So you plant salad,tomatoes,what else?
*Pumpkins. Pumpkins.
Pumpkins? (*Yes.)
The one that you cook,(*Yes,yes.) last time,the yellow stuff,yes,the yellow big squash?
You cooked one time.
*Yes. I cooked,yes.
Okay. So that's the one. You plant that?
*Yes. Yes.
In Slovenia - not too cold?
*No,no. (*No.)
You plant in summer only,right? That thing… winter also?
*No,no,not in winter.
Okay and what else do you plant? Winter you don't plant,right? Only summer,right?
Winter different?
*Yes,yes. Yes.
Winter you can plant like kale or those small…other things?
*Nothing in winter.
*In winter nothing.
But it doesn't snow there. Snow? (Yes,yes.)
It's Mediterranean,no?
*No. No.
*Only near the sea,no snow.
Inside,it snows.
*Yes. Yes.
But in snow they can also plant something,no? Peppermint and all that,no?
I remember I was in Germany,I planted a bush of peppermint,and even in winter,it was also green under the roof,under my roof,in front of the porch.
*Next week I plant Rukola (lettuce).
*In the. ..
No,in the garden. Yes.
How long does it take to eat?
quickly; if (Yes.) warm,maybe two weeks.
Not bad. Okay. So if you don't have anything to eat,you can sit and wait for two weeks and then… Every two weeks eat one time,better than never.
Not too bad. You should plant things in your garden,okay? Otherwise,later maybe nobody plants for you; no supermarket. You live in mountain or…?
No. Flat land?
*Yes. In a village.
Village. Nice?
*Yes. Yes. Yes.
Small village,always nice. Everybody knows everybody. (Yes,yes.)
Okay. How come your son is not married yet? What's wrong? No girl in the village?
*No,I don't know. He doesn't want marriage.
He had a girlfriend before? Yes. He has a girlfriend. Yes,he told me.
*He needs a home. He needs a home or…
Home? (Home.)
He likes your home better,right?
Why doesn't he live with you? Because of your husband? Yes,maybe he doesn't like because…
You're married?
*Because I'm married.
He needs a home. There's no home on this planet.
Okay? There's no home. You have only one home.
I also don't have a home. Everywhere,I don't know where I can call,for myself,home. It's nothing It's only an empty promise. There's not really any home anywhere,okay? And he's 30-something already,okay,right?
*Yes. Yes.
So he's not a boy. (*Yes,yes.) There's no more need for a home. He has to make it a home.
*Yes. Yes. Make.
Because if you keep needing a home,you will never find it. Where? Where can you find a home? Tell me. It's bad when you have this kind of need,yes? Needy is no good. You have to get over the past and move on to the future,understand? Grow up. Tell him: grow up. Need home,30-something years old. Okay,well,maybe 20-something,no?
Every family has something,you know what I mean? Even if they stay together all the time,one marriage,there's always something else,you know? There's always some excuse not to grow up. No need home. Home: here,okay? (*Yes.) Emotional need and physical need is different from the real Home, understand? We always expect like,"Okay,if I go to that place,I will feel better. If I go to this home,I'll feel better." It's not like that. Just have to feel better in here. Anybody else who needs a home?
He's big,he's capable,he is smart. But if you need something,you're going to be in trouble,yes? I am in trouble all the time because I need something: I need somebody to take care of the office there,so that when you come,somebody can get you; I need somebody to drive the car so that he can take you here; I need somebody to clean the center so that you are welcomed when you come - when you're not here,somebody else has to take care. I need somebody to drive me here.
I need,I need,I need,I need,I need. I need. I need a lot and don't get any,okay? Well,tell him I am in the same situation. I also need a home. I cannot find,yes. Trouble. Need a lot. Because I need a lot of things,so I have to depend on a lot of people,understand me? And because of that,it's not fun,yes? Because of that,I suffer a lot,because of my need. If I don't need,then I can be myself,alone and do my things. Okay,so tell him he's lucky he needs only a home,yes?
I need a lot of stuff,you know what I mean? First,I need the center so that you can come and meditate,and then because of the center,I need… Look at the whole “needs” sitting there. And this is not the first need,you know? The bigger needs - already gone. And maybe some more needs will be coming later,you know? Yes,okay. Thank you for all you've done.
Thank you.
*Thank you,Master!
Thank you,we're better off now! The air conditioner is already installed. Excellent!
*The pipes are not done yet.
Not done yet? It's already on the wall.
This already looks pretty good. Why did you put it there? It will be noisy to the people cooking outside. Why didn't you install it here?
*We need to install two of them; one is not powerful enough.
One is not enough?
*No. One can only take care of about twenty people.
Okay,there are 40 people there.
If you install it there,will it disturb the people cooking there?
*No,because there are four upstairs already.
Right! But nobody walks or cooks upstairs! This side,where you've installed it,is the hallway of the kitchen,isn't it?
*Yes. But it is framed up very well. There shouldn't be any problem.
I'm afraid it will disturb them.
*They are noisier than us because they have a ventilator.
But the ventilator is outside the room. (Right.)
So the noise won't come inside,through the door. (Yes.)
Okay. I also worry that the smell of food will come over here. What if everyone drools during meditation?
*No. It only cools the air. The smell outside won't come in.
Okay,I trust you. An architect should know what to do.
All right,anybody any need? If you tell me any need,I will give you a bigger list of my needs. I need somebody to take care of my dogs and take care of my birds,take care of my house over there,and take care of over here. I need a lot of stuff.
Look at all this. This just a part of my needs,okay? Just a symbolic need. There are more needs that you don't see. All of these egos,they are driving me crazy,yes? These are long distance… Remote-control need is okay. I don't see them They do what they want,they make a mess,whatever,I won't see,so it's okay. But the need that is next to me,they drive me crazy - all the egos. In Chinese,they say,"Respect is not as good as obedience."
So if you say you respect somebody,just do what they say,do what they ask,and that means better than respect even. Because if you keep saying,“I respect you,I love you” and all that and you don't do what you're asked to help,then it's useless,understand? Very difficult to find somebody… Yes,I find a lot of “lovers,” you know? Everybody says “I love Master.” - that I know already,okay? Difficult to find somebody who just does what I ask,even a small thing,very small thing,like wash the dishes or clean the floor When I need the floor to be clean now,it's not like 24 hours later. "I'll do it tomorrow," or "I'll do it when I want." Understand me? “I do it but when I want, not when Master asks.”
That's a completely different story. Very difficult for me to find that person,to do that. Just now,when I need; not tomorrow,not later,and not try to hang around and then wait until I'm there needing the room and do something else,then you come and clean it while I need to work there,understand me? But I cannot find that person up to now,very difficult,very difficult. Maybe,okay,clean the house. Okay,she cleans it right now, but if I ask another thing tomorrow,like wash the dishes,then it's another theater again.
You know what I mean? You won't understand this because I don't. Forget it. Okay. Very difficult,very difficult. So my need is driving me crazy. So tell him “don't need,” okay? If he needs,he's in trouble. He's alone? Good excuse not to even to live next to the mother,and have a job - I mean,not a great job,but it's a free job,yes? Drive around and doesn't work every day even. It's a very good life he has,and he has a very good Master,a good meditation method - his liberation is secured. He has the best life anybody can ask for. There's nothing that he needs anymore,okay? So don't tell me he needs anything.
Nobody needs anything except God,okay?
Don't feel sorry for yourself for nothing. Is it necessary? No. Right? Now she has a husband,she lives in a village and the son has job. You don't know what trouble is. You don't really know,you really don't know what “problem” is. If you want to know,pray God,become a master,okay? Then you can tell me what problems you have.
Before that,don't tell me nothing,because you don't really have any problem except you want to make it yourself,yes? See? Like she says her son needs a home. What for? Grandmother died,left him a house even; he could even rent it. Have some money,okay? Secure. Then have a job in the hospital,have beautiful meditation method,a lot of nice disciples,group meditation together,lovely Slovenia's fellow initiates - and he needs a home. I am so sorry.
Sorry. Get your concept right,okay? You're very lucky people,lucky,lucky people. The fact that no matter what,that you could even come here and sit here,okay? You're lucky already. (*Yes.) How many people would die for your place there? (*Yes.) Or his place next week,or many days before that,many weeks before that,understand me?
* Yes.
Like,many people,they already got visa,already got ticket,and got stopped at the airport.
Very pitiful,you know? Not like they're very rich,they could afford to go again. You understand me? (Yes.) They're saving so long to go,and then can't go. Nobody cares about them.
If you truly want to feel sorry,then feel sorry for those people,yes? I don't want to mention which country,but maybe you can find out,you know. There's no end to the weird things in this world,yes? So if we have a roof over our head,and we have a job,we have enough food on the table every day… And we have good meditation. (Yes!)
That's the main point,Quan Yin Method. Because not everybody gets this,okay? Yes. Not everybody even understands what you're doing. And even then we still can come together and sit here,you know? Look at each other,funny face and laughing.
So it's okay already,okay? I also have to compromise a lot,you know? Compromise my health,my mental well-being,my psychological wellness,a lot of things,my freedom,yes? We have to work together,okay? Because the Earth has lot of karma (retribution),you know?
Not the Earth,the Mother,not the planet,but the people who live here have very heavy karma (retribution). So anything we want to do to help them creates a lot of trouble,stirs up a lot of give and take of the karma (retribution),understand? And of course… Maybe you don't feel it,but I do. So every little problem,you try to overcome it. Always think how lucky we are,truly.
Even how bad a situation,still somebody has a worse situation,right? Worse than us. Yes. If you are young,or at least you are young,you see? He's better than me and her,no? Yes. And if I'm old already,I'm thinking there's still somebody one year older than me even,you know? For example,yes? Or worse - 70,80,90,100. Who knows?
But when they are 90,they think,“ There's somebody who's 100,” 91…older. So this is truly the negative power is making trouble,for everybody,so that even when you're lucky,you don't even think you're lucky -complain,complain; and need. I should not need anything,but I need,look at me. Needs! A lot of “needs”! You know? And our house,very small already,if I continue needing,then there is no room for you to come because “the need” has to stay in the room. You know what I mean? The more you need,the more you have to provide for your need as well. See what I mean?
I'm telling you,no end to our trouble. So we just have to be happy with whatever. It's easier because if you have just a family,or yourself,it's easier to take care. You don't need,really,anybody,so you're more independent. I am not independent. I have to say. I'm not independent. I wish I could be. I can't. I can't be independent. You understand me?
I have too much work. I can't just do it alone. If I let you all come here,driving cars here,so many cars coming and banging the doors, and all the time,so we need somebody to come and get you from somewhere; it's more quiet that way,see? More orderly.
And so,I can't cut that need. See what I mean? I can't cut that need. First,we have to earn money and buy the car first. And then insurance,I need also the insurer,two persons, outside even,yes? And then all kinds of things,you know what I mean? And the house also needs insurance. Not just I need,but the house needs even - even the house needs something. Understand me? So… Forget it. He doesn't know how lucky he is. There's no need to take care of anybody. (*Yes.)
See? So free,my God. Anybody comes maybe give you company,but the company comes with her or him. You see what I mean? That means personality problem,past bad karma (retribution) relation problem. And there are also the relatives' karma (retribution) and collective karma (retribution) - everything else. That's why he couldn't stay with his girlfriend before. He told me he couldn't bear it no more. I don't blame him. I mean,it's very difficult to live with somebody else,unless you're truly,truly like friends. Very difficult to stay long.
And imagine I have to stay with many people,because of my needs. See what I mean? So the less need,the better for our life. The simple life,of course,is better. But it's very difficult for me to live a simple life now. Very difficult,you understand? (*Yes.) Yes. Anything else I can do,except living a simple life. The thing that I advertise all the time,the thing that I like the most,I can't have. So,okay. You know already,my life's already complicated,so I let it.
All right,guys? (Yes.) If you don't have any ties or anybody or… You should feel lucky. Yes? You should feel lucky. All right. Anyway,if he needs,he can always find a girlfriend,no? Better to find a girlfriend with already a home,an apartment or something. It'd be nice. Some people do that,hunting for an apartment,together with the owner,yes? They're real estate private agent,yes?
There's no big deal,okay? It's okay. Tell him he's perfect. Yes? He is good,just needs to grow up. That's all he needs.

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