Between Master and Disciples
A New Year of Compassion: Special Message from Supreme Master Ching Hai   

Q(m): Yes, Master.
Master, for the upcoming New Year 2012, may we respectfully invite you to share a message with our audience around the universe?

SM: Oh Right, okay. That’s all you want, hm?
Good, we do that. First of all, I want to wish ah all of you and the audience and the world
a very, very happy, lucky, vegan new year.
SM: And ah,  I think I have tried everything.
SM: I don’t know ah if ah anything else I should say because er, I have said a lot already. It’s not what I say,
it’s what ah we apply. And it’s not only what I say, it’s ah, also if anyone listens or not.
But nevertheless, it is New Year, and since you request, we, we say something, okay?

Q(f):Thank you, Master.

SM:One more time won’t hurt. Even Buddha has already said everything.
Buddha has  tried his best to sacrifice everything for us. Ah Jesus gave up his life for the world, Guru Nanak, Mahavira, ah Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, etc. huh. So many slight Masters,
so many great saints and sages have told us everything already, new year or old year.

Q(all):Yes, Master.

SM:It’s not just the new year that we should be happy and celebrate, but we should ah start
like a new resolution, yes, new lifestyle, if we haven’t tried it in the past year. Every time it’s New Year’s, we should like make a vow to begin our new life. Everything that we don’t like about the past year, from ourselves or from our environment, we should change, yes?
Mm. All the sages have told us already to live and let live, to love and love all beings as oneself. This is a time to begin to reflect whether we have done that love or not.
The Buddha and Jesus, and all the Masters have told us to live a compassionate life, yet when we commemorate Buddha’s birth even, at that day, many Buddhists still have lunch eating dead animal flesh.
At Christmas, or, or often ah any Prophet’s birth celebration, many still do the same, killing and making suffering for humans and animals, because humans misinterpret, misunderstood all the the loving messages of the Masters, either knowingly or unknowingly.
All other sages and saints have endured hardship, sacrificed all to remind us of a more compassionate way of life. I hope in the new year, all of us try to vow to do the best as well, to follow their example, to repay their kindness, to save our lives and the lives of all on the planet. It is our duty, actually, to do that.

Q(all):Yes, Master.

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