Telepathic Animal Communicator Madeleine Walker: The Flow of Love    Part 1

Madeleine (f):The whales feel their role is to imbue every molecule of water with love, and to fill the oceans with love. The ocean, the waves hit the shore, it’s like bringing that love into the land masses, to somehow permeate the land and then help to heal us and the planet.

HOST: From tiny flies to majestic blue whales, our beautiful Earth co-inhabitants share the same mission in life: to help awaken the compassionate nature of humanity and bring love to this awe-inspiring planet.

In what ways are the animals helping us, and what are their messages for us?
On today’s Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants, we are delighted to present the first part of our two-part interview with British telepathic animal communicator Madeleine Walker, author of “An Exchange of Love: Animals Healing People in Past, Present and Future Lifetimes.”

Ms. Walker has a great passion for informing others about the loving nature of animals and their roles on our planet. She hosts clinics where she listens to animals communicate about their past and present traumas, performs distant readings of animal communications for clients and teaches courses for those who wish to be certified in telepathic animal communication.

Madeleine (f): My normal everyday job is an animal communicator. I get called out to visit people in their homes, or it might be like a livery stable yard to see horses, because  I mainly work with horses. But I get asked to talk to guinea pigs, chinchilla, cats, dogs, all sorts of animals. And it’s lovely to be able
to get messages from them.  

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