Uniting Voices of the Earth - Animal Telepathic Communicator Penelope Smith   

Have you ever wondered what a dog, cat, horse or other animal was thinking and feeling? Is there a universal language for communication between all species? Halo, bright viewers, and welcome to Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants, as we continue with our occasional series spotlighting animal telepathic communicators from around the world.

Today we present two-part series featuring Ms. Penelope Smith of Arizona, USA. During her 30 years as a professional interspecies telepathic communicator, she has counseled thousands of animals, taught courses
on animal telepathic communications, and written several books on the subject including 『Animal Talks,』 『Animal Healing Power,』 and 『Animals in Spirit.』 She is the editor of a quarterly journal called 『Species Link』 that is dedicated to the field of human-animal communications.

Penelope Smith has attracted the attention of the media and there have been quite a few newspaper and magazine pieces written regarding her abilities. She has appeared many times on radio and television as well.
To begin,Ms. Smith describes what telepathy entails.

Ms. Smith: Telepathy, it comes from 『tele』 and 『pathy.』 『Tele』 is the distance and 『pathy』 is feeling. So feeling across a distance is how I describe it.

When people  start to discover how to be quiet again, people learn how to focus, get quiet, and regard their fellow animals as intelligent beings and then learn how to both give communication clearly and how to receive through all their extended senses to be able to feel what the animal feels and how they are seeing the world.

It isn’t this vast distance that separates (us) from animals; we’re just fellow beings in different suits.

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