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We thank the following and those unknown persons, groups, agencies, organizations and governments for their loving and selfless actions that bring meaningful comfort and assistance to others.

May your lives be graced by the Divine with evermore joy and fulfilling reward.



Albert Gubay, United Kingdom

Mr. Albert Gubay donates over US$735 million, nearly his entire fortune, to the Roman Catholic Church and other charities. 

United States

The United States donates US$700 million to Tanzania for the development of water and electricity supplies as well as infrastructure and agriculture. 

European Union

The European Union donates €93 million to Mauritius for 2010 and 2011 to support the island’s 10-year economic and social improvement program; and donates US$23.4 million to support ethnic minority groups through health and food programs in Myanmar, also known as Burma.     


Italy donates US$60 million to assist Albania with European Union integration.


Japan donates over US$30 million to Laos for climate change mitigation measures including forest preservation and sustainable energy development; and donates US$4.55 million to aid women, children and other vulnerable groups in Nepal.


Switzerland pledges a US$23 million donation to Palestine for humanitarian aid and various 2010 development endeavors.

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom donates more than US$22 million for food supplies as well as medical treatment for children in Niger and Chad. 


France donates €10 million to fund water, electricity and roads for a new industrial park in Bethlehem, Palestine.  


A US$10 million donation from China enables Zimbabwe to refurbish a 60,000-seat sports stadium and renovate it to Confederation of African Football standards. 


Australia allocates more than US$9.7 million for supportive services to help indigenous people stop smoking.

Bloomberg Global Initiative, USA

The US-based Bloomberg Global Initiative donates more than US$900,000 to aid Tamil Nadu, India in implementing a smoking ban in public places along with declaring 86 villages completely smoke-free. 

Minister of Justice Tseng Yung-fu, Formosa (Taiwan)

Formosan (Taiwanese) Minister of Justice Tseng Yung-fu announces plans to amend the government’s criminal code and eliminate capital punishment.

President Bashar al-Assad, Syria

Following approval by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a national ban forbids smoking in public places and prohibits children under 18 from being offered Turkish pipes. 

Bogotá, Colombia

Bogotá, Colombia promotes Earth-protecting dietary modifications in schools and public kitchens that include reducing meat and emphasizing native vegetables.   

Governor Dave Heineman, Nebraska, USA

Governor Dave Heineman of Nebraska, USA signs a new law prohibiting the possession of any items related to human-induced animal fighting.

Dr. Lai Hsin-Chih, Formosa (Taiwan)

Dr. Lai Hsin-Chih of the University of Formosa (Taiwan) develops an inexpensive tuberculosis test kit whose results are both instant and 98% accurate to save an estimated 1.5 million lives annually. 

James Harrison, Australia

James Harrison’s many blood donations over 56 years have saved more than two million infants with the Rhesus disease thanks to his unique blood type. 

Australian pilots

Two Australian pilots safely land a plane containing 300 passengers despite engine malfunction in the air and six of the plane’s eight tires deflating upon touchdown. 

Alyson Myatt, Kentucky, USA

Live-in child care provider Alyson Myatt runs barefoot through fire twice to rescue 5-year-old Aiden Hawes. 

Luis Reteguin, Illinois, USA

Young Luis Reteguin rushes to defend his mother from an armed intruder and quickly dials 9-1-1, which causes the intruder to run away. 

Catskill Animal Sanctuary, New York, USA

The Catskill Animal Sanctuary has saved over 1,500 former farm animals, including cows, goats, sheep, donkeys, pigs, rabbits, turkeys, chickens, ducks and geese, and has either provided or found homes for them. 

Scooter the small Shih Tzu,

Florida, USA

Scooter the small Shih Tzu canine awakens the Segovia family with his persistent barking so they can safely leave their burning home. 

Gracie the service dog,

Washington, USA

Gracie the service dog alerts Mr. Jake and saves him from a house fire. 

Sammy the dog, Arizona, USA

Sammy the dog protects his human caregiver Kay Harrison and survives serious injury when he goes between her and a rattlesnake.  


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