We thank the following and those unknown persons, groups, agencies, organizations and governments for their loving and selfless actions that bring meaningful comfort and assistance to others.
May your lives be graced by the Divine with evermore joy and fulfilling reward.

The Paris ClubThe Paris Club, an informal group of the world’s wealthiest creditor nations, agrees to forgive over US$1 billion in Afghan debt.
The World Bank The World Bank resumes Honduras development aid of nearly US$400 million in loan financing to benefit the most vulnerable in the nation.
US and RussiaThe US and Russia agree on a nuclear arms reduction treaty that will decrease nuclear weapons by a third in both countries within seven years. 
Russia’s Federal Agency for Special Construction Russia’s Federal Agency for Special Construction reaffirms the country’s commitment to be rid of all chemical weapons by 2012. 
Bolivia’s President Evo Morales Bolivia’s President Evo Morales launches several projects to improve lives in the underserved departments of Beni and Pando.   
CubaCuba offers 1,000 medical scholarships to Pakistan, with full support that includes the provision of prayer rooms and access to Pakistani television channels. 
Formosa (Taiwan) Formosa (Taiwan) pledges to help mitigate South Pacific island Kiribati’s rising sea levels and protect from their damaging effects.
ChileAn evacuation training program offered by the Chilean government saved thousands of lives during the nation’s February 27 earthquake.
The Swiss National Council The Swiss National Council passes a measure prohibiting financial investment in weapons that are already banned under national and international law.
Gambia’s President Yahya JammehIn a televised speech, Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh reaffirms his commitment to protect the mental and physical well being of Gambian citizens from the harmful effects of illegal narcotics.
The Voluntary Health Association of India The Voluntary Health Association of India announces that pictorial warnings of tobacco dangers will be displayed on products sold nationwide, to protect public health. 
US President Barack Obama US President Barack Obama helps ensure passage of healthcare legislation by signing a presidential decree that no federal money would be used for abortion.
Shakira Grammy Award-winning musician Shakira is honored by the UN for her Barefoot Foundation that provides children in her Colombian homeland with education and nutrition.
PLoS Medicine journalThe online, open-access journal PLoS Medicine announces that to protect public interest it will no longer publish research reports sponsored by tobacco companies.
Gean Hodsdon, ScotlandMs. Gean Hodsdon of Scotland, UK celebrates her 90th birthday participating in a white water rafting event for a charity that benefits children in Moldova.
Master Ayoub Khan, PakistanPakistani teacher Master Ayoub Khan has been providing classes for youngsters in an empty Islamabad park for 25 years to ensure they receive an education.
Oscar Rodriguez, USAFollowing a bus accident that left him among many passengers with injuries, bilingual 11-year-old Oscar Rodriguez of Arizona, USA calmly helped paramedics with vital translations for other Spanish-speaking patients.
Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almar-hum Sultan Iskandar, MalaysiaHis Majesty Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almar-hum Sultan Iskandar of Johor, Malaysia forbids the hunting of wildlife and establishes animal rehabilitation programs. 
Russell Simmons American hip hop artist and Def Jam Records founder Russell Simmons explains that he has chosen the vegan diet for its spiritual, environmental and health benefits. 
Harold Brown Since becoming vegan and launching non-profit Farm Kind, former cattle farmer Harold Brown now travels around North America giving talks to bring awareness of the environment, animal rights and veganism.
Grant Butler, USA Food writer Grant Butler of widely distributed US newspaper The Oregonian chronicles his month-long trial of the vegan diet, which he decides to extend to a permanent lifestyle.   
Former Prime Minister Lee Hae-Chan, South KoreaFormer Prime Minister Lee Hae-Chan of South Korea affirms the need for reducing meat consumption to address global warming. 
Imperial College London researchers Imperial College London researchers transform plant sugars into polymers that can be used to make Earth-friendly plastic from non-food crops. 
US National Renewable Energy Laboratory researchers US National Renewable Energy Laboratory researchers create energy-efficient “light louvers” that can be suspended in a window to magnify natural light and extend it into a room. 
The town of Klamath Falls, USAThe town of Klamath Falls in Oregon, USA employs sustainable geothermal energy to keep sidewalks clear of snow as well as heat houses, schools and the local hospital.
WalesWales bans the use of electric shock collars on cats and dogs to better protect their welfare. 
The Federation of Hotels and Restaurant Association of India The Federation of Hotels and Restaurant Association of India is creating guidelines for eateries to maintain separate kitchen facilities, cooking utensils and plates for vegetarians.
Julia Qiao, USAIn an effort to help her teacher keep his job despite the unfavorable economy, 10-year-old Julia Qiao of California donates birthday party money that she has been saving for over a year.
Siris Letendre, USASix-year-old Siris Letendre of Wisconsin, USA raises US$175 for his birthday to help dogs at a local pit bull rescue. 
Two New York Police Department divers Two New York Police Department divers free a seal they found struggling in debris off the coast of Staten Island.
Atlantis The Palm Hotel, United Arab EmiratesAtlantis The Palm Hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates releases gentle young whale shark Sammy following an international campaign for her freedom. 
Toby the Schnauzer dog, USASchnauzer dog Toby persuades his human caregivers to enter a wooded area near his home in Florida, USA, where they find and save the life of an abandoned cat.   
Ministers from 60 countries Ministers from 60 countries commit to US$4.5 billion to halt global deforestation, with a goal of US$6 billion in pledges to bring to the December 2010 Mexico climate summit.
Italy Italy donates €500,000 to Lebanon’s Mine Action Program to help clear munitions from the nation’s south, thus ensuring safe travel throughout the region.
The British Houses of Parliament The British Houses of Parliament pass the Cluster Munitions (Prohibitions) Act, formally enacting a ban on the weaponry’s use, production and stockpiling.
The European Parliament The European Parliament votes to allow non-European Union citizens with long-term visas in one member state to visit other participating member states for up to three months in a six-month period.
Prince William of Wales His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales in the United Kingdom donates his time in being photographed by the formerly homeless Jeff Hubbard to raise funds for the Crisis charity.
Governor Mark Parkinson, USA Governor Mark Parkinson of Kansas, USA signs into law a Clean Indoor Air Act, which bans smoking statewide in almost all public places.
South Korea South Korea joins the Philippines and becomes the second Asian nation ever to grant refugee citizenship to a foreign national living in the country.
Hong Kong Hong Kong announces new limits on the cigarettes passengers can bring into the country as well as a ban duty-free tobacco, effective by the end of 2010.
Singapore and Jordan Singapore and Jordan activate a joint free trade agreement that will increase the two countries’ cooperation.
Israel, Brazil, and other Mercosur member nations As the first country outside Latin America to do so, Israel signs free trade agreements with Brazil and other Mercosur member nations. 
The Oriental Medicine Pharmacist Association for a Healthy Society, South Korea The Oriental Medicine Pharmacist Association for a Healthy Society in South Korea initiates a once-a-week meat-free day campaign, advocating the plant-based diet.
India To protect human health and the environment, the government of India decides not to introduce a genetically modified version of the staple crop eggplant. 
Dr. Thomas Nann and fellow researchers Dr. Thomas Nann and fellow researchers at the UK’s University of East Anglia develop a process that can transform 60% of the sunlight energy absorbed by water into hydrogen.
Researchers at the University of Tokyo, Japan Researchers at the University of Tokyo, Japan discover an eco-friendly material made from 98% water that could replace plastic
Ethiopia A UN-registered reforestation project in Ethiopia restores over 2,700 hectares of land while also marketing carbon credits to alleviate local poverty while addressing climate change. 
Dr. Max Fargher and greyhound Hurley Thanks to veterinarian Dr. Max Fargher’s surgical skills and a canine blood donation from his companion greyhound Hurley, the life of six-week-old English Staffordshire terrier puppy Buddy is saved.   
Ryan Cody, Canada Canadian firefighter Ryan Cody risks his life to save a Labrador puppy Mya from a house fire. 

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