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We thank the following and those unknown persons, groups, agencies, organizations and governments for their loving and selfless actions that bring meaningful comfort and assistance to others.

May your lives be graced by the Divine with evermore joy and fulfilling reward.




Spain donates US$80 million to Peru to supply clean water for half a million people.

Mongolian President Tsakhia Elbegdorj

Mongolian President Tsakhia Elbegdorj commutes capital punishment sentences and calls for a ban on the death penalty.

International Animal Rescue

International Animal Rescue concludes a five-year campaign that frees more than 600 performing bears and helps the involved humans obtain other jobs. 

H.A.N.D.S On International: Helping All Nations in Deeds and Service

Co-founded by Christian humanitarians Geoffrey Nighswonger and pastor Genesis Williams, HANDS On International (Helping All Nations in Deeds and Service) provides basic necessities while sharing love, friendship and hope with the less fortunate.

British scientists

British scientists develop a mechanical digestive system as an ethical alternative to animal testing.

Luke Day, UK

Briton Luke Day gave his own life in making sure his wife and two others escaped their sinking boat. 

Felisiano Puleanga, New Zealand

New Zealander Felisiano Puleanga sacrificed his life to save his son and niece from drowning.

New Smyrna Beach Mayor Adam Barringer, police officers and a good Samaritan, USA

Mayor Adam Barringer, police officers and a good Samaritan in New Smyrna Beach rescue a woman from her sinking car.

Cameron van Hooft, Australia

Eight-year-old Australian Cameron van Hooft saves his father’s life by bringing him to the pool’s edge and performing resuscitation. 

Jake Satherley and Spencer Seams, Australia

Eight-year-olds Jake Satherley and Spencer Seams save a Queensland man from drowning.

Two good Samaritans, USA

Two good Samaritans risk their lives to rescue a 9-year-old girl from the freezing waters of a lake in North Carolina.

Australian man

An Australian man uses surfboards to rescue a family of four from a strong ocean current.

Matt Banta, USA

Matt Banta of Georgia risks his life to rescue a German Shepherd from an icy pond.

Milkyway the Chihuahua-mix, USA

The quick actions of Milkyway the Chihuahua-Corgi mix save her human caregiver after a stroke in Minnesota, USA.

Effie the German shorthair, USA

German shorthair Effie’s intuition saves an elderly neighbor in Minnesota, USA.

Auggie the dog, USA

Auggie of Indiana gets help and saves caregiver Don Fisher when his wheelchair became stuck in the snow. 

Angel the Golden Retriever, Canada

Angel the Golden Retriever of British Columbia shields her human from a cougar’s attack.

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