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We thank the followingand those unknown persons, groups,agencies, organizations and governments for their loving and selfless actions that bring meaningful comfort and assistance to others.May your lives be graced by the Divine with evermore joy and fulfilling reward.
The Woodland Trust
UK’s The Woodland Trust plans to raise €1 million to purchase and reforest the Cwm Mynach Valley.
Francois Hugo and Seal Alert-SA
Seal Alert-SA founder Francois Hugo, who has been rescuing seals for the past 10 years, endeavors to halt the seal hunting industry in Namibia
J. Ronald Terwilliger, USA
J. Ronal Terwilliger of Atlanta, Georgia donates US$100 million to Habitat for Humanity International.
Finland donates over €19 million to Africa.
Japan donates US$18.7 million in aid to Jordan.
European Union
The European Union donates over €13 million to the Palestinian Authority to pay civil servants and pensioners.
European Commission
The European Commission donates US$11.3 million to Kenya for Somali refugees and the drought-affected.
Norway increases donations to Pakistan by US$10.2 million for war victims Norwegian Parliament votes in favor of the Animal Welfare Act to protect animals.
President Faure Gnassingbé, El Hadj Abass Bonfo, and Dama Dramani
Togo votes to halt the death penalty, which President Faure Gnassingbé is expected to sign into law, supported by President of the Parliament, El Hadj Abass Bonfo, and President of RPT Parliamentary Group, Dama Dramani.
Mexico is the only country in Latin America to accept Haitian asylum seekers.
Dr. Lei Chin Ion, Macao
Dr. Lei Chin Ion,of the Macao Special Administrative Region’s Health Bureau announces an indoor smoking ban in public places.
Swedish National Food Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency
The Swedish National Food Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency produce the first ever guideline to reduce greenhouse gases by decreasing meat
Minnesota, USA
Minnesota, USA, extends the reimbursement due date for organic farmers.
Helps International
Helps International improves the social & economic welfare and the public health of Cameroonian citizens.
Jirrahlinga Koala and Wildlife Sanctuary, Australia
Jirrahlinga Koala and Wildlife Sanctuary aids ill, injured and orphaned animals.
Project Jonah, New Zealand
Project Jonah trains New Zealanders to rescue stranded marine mammals and campaigns for their.
Nguyễn Minh Mẫn, Âu Lạc (Vietnam)
Nguyễn Minh Mẫn of Bình Dương province a shelter for the homeless, elderly and abandoned disabled.
Taryn Mail and other volunteers of Pullen Pullen Catchments Group, Australia
Vegan Taryn Mail and fellow volunteers of Pullen Pullen Catchments Group provide a sanctuary for wildlife.
Professor Stephen Burkinshaw
UK Professor Stephen Burkinshaw invents eco-washing machine that uses only 1 cup of water.
Suzan Lakhan Baptiste
Suzan Lakhan Baptiste protects giant leatherback turtles in Trinidad.
Zach & Erica Wilson, USA
Nine-year-old Zach Wilson and his mother founded the Central Florida Animal Pantry (CFAP) to provide food for animal companions of financially strapped individuals.
Cap Anamur
Cap Anamur rescued over 45,000 Aulacese (Vietnamese) boat people in 1979 and continues to assistance to refugees worldwide.
Jeanice McMillan, USA
Train driver Jeanice McMillan in Washington, DC, is a heroine as her last actions before her death saved the lives of passengers onboard.
E-Z Mart store clerk, USA
An E-Z Mart clerk in Arkansas gives US$40 of his own money to a robber for diabetic medicine.
Richard Greensmith, UK
Richard Greensmith jumped a 10-foot wall to rescue a family from a flash flood in County Durham.
Danny Seo
Korean-American Danny Seo founded the largest US eco-charity, Earth 2000.
Georgette Clemons, USA
Georgette Clemons of Connecticut, USA, entered a burning house to help residents to safety.
Constable Sherril Adams, New Zealand
Constable Sherril Adams of Masterton saved a man from an oncoming train.
Baltazar Delgado, USA
Fourteen-year-old Baltazar Delgado of Oregon rescued his sister from her burning room.
Paddy the horse
Paddy the horse in Victoria, Australia sheltered six smaller farm animals under his body during a fire.

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