We thank the followingand those unknown persons, groups,agencies, organizations and governments for their loving and selfless actions that bring meaningful comfort and assistance to others.May your lives be graced by the Divine with evermore joy and fulfilling reward.
USA, Europe, and Asia
Governments in the US, Europe, and Asia have pledged more than US$200 billion toward sustainable energy.
China announces a US$124 billion initiative that will provide all citizens with equal access to healthcare.
Global Environment Facility, United Nations
Global Environment Facility, in partnership with the United Nations, contributes US$13.1 million help Pacific island nations prepare for climate change.
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Australia
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd pledges US$37 million to indigenous communities for health and education programs.
British Ambassador Tim Torlot
United Kingdom increases aid to Yemen by 40% to reduce poverty and improve education.
Bangladesh launches a food program to benefit millions of families.
King Hamad bin Issa al-Khalifa, Bahrain
King Hamad bin Issa al-Khalifa has pardoned detainees in Bahrain.
President Barack Obama, USA
President Barack Obama urges world leaders to work toward eliminating nuclear arms.
Lagos State, Nigeria
Lagos State’s Blindness Prevention Program treats eye-related conditions free of charge.
Director Leon Panetta
US Central Intelligence Agency Director Leon Panetta announces the closure of all secret detention centers.
President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, Kyrgyzstan
President Kurmanbek Bakiyev signs law to end deployment of foreign military personnel in Kyrgyzstan.
Australia signs a UN declaration recognizing the rights of indigenous people.
Formosa (Taiwan)
Formosa (Taiwan) ratifies two international covenants that protect human rights.
Ten western Niger villages stop the practice of female circumcision.
European countries
Most European Union countries support a total ban on seal-related products:
Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom
Minister Terry Waldron, Australia
Australian Minister Terry Waldron extends the alcohol ban in the Wangkatjungka community for another year.
House of Representatives, USA
The US House of Representatives has approved a bill that will regulate the tobacco industry.
Spain, Belgium, Romania, Brazil, Thailand, and Canada
Spain will join Belgium, Romania, Brazil, Thailand, and Canada in placing visual warnings on all cigarette packets.
Dr. Joop Oude Lohuis and the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
Department Director Dr. Joop Oude Lohuis and researchers at the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency propose a low-meat diet to mitigate global warming. 
190 nations at the Durban II conference
190 nations formally adopt an anti-racism resolution during the Durban II conference.
Queen Rania of Jordan
Queen Rania launches the Madrasati (“My School”) Phase II project to renovate schools nationwide.
US President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama signs a bill to protect wilderness in nine US states.
China donates US$83 million to Costa Rica for new stadium.
Cameron Turchie, Sadwyn Brophy, and Temuera Forbes, New Zealand
Teenagers Cameron Turchie, Sadwyn Brophy, and Temuera Forbes save a young boy from drowning at Mount Maunganui’s Main Beach.
Yemen has begun reconstruction of homes and farms in the disadvantaged Saada governorate.
The Philippines
The Philippine government encourages consumption of fruits and vegetables for optimal health.
The Department of Health (DOH)  Formosa (Taiwan)
The Department of Health (DOH) revises the national dietary guidelines to include more vegetables and fruits.
Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner, Germany, France, Austria, Hungary, Luxembourg, Greece
Germany has banned genetically modified corn, joining 5 other nations: France, Austria, Hungary, Luxembourg, and Greece.
Union of Concerned Scientists
Union of Concerned Scientists’ study reveals that genetically engineered crops do not produce higher yields.
Los Angeles County, California, USA
Los Angeles county continues Gifts for Gun program that exchanges guns for gift cards.
Wayne Pycroft, New Zealand
Wayne Pycroft donates a kidney and part of his liver to save his son’s life.
District Judge John D. Bates, USA
US District Judge John D. Bates rules that 3 detainees in an Afghanistan-based US prison have constitutional right of habeas corpus.
Zomboanga City, the Philippines
The Zomboanga City government has been honored by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources for its wildlife program.
W&M Properties, USA
W&M Properties renovates the Empire State Building with green designs that will save millions annually in energy savings.
Malta bans this year’s spring hunting of birds.
China launches Vegetarian Day to benefit health and the environment.
Executive Director Jerry Pacturan and the Philippines
Executive Director Jerry Pacturan of the Philippine Development Assistance Program, Inc. says organic farming can save the country US$1 billion.
Deccan Development Society (DDS) and women of Zaheerbad, India
With support from the Deccan Development Society (DDS), women in Zaheerbad are growing organic crops to counter climate change.
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia grants more tourist visas for non-Muslims.
San Francisco, California, USA
San Francisco calls for Do Not Mail Registry to halt unwanted mail and save millions of tree.
Carlos Minc and Blairo Maggi, Brazil
Minister of the Environment Carlos Minc and Governor Blairo Maggi of Mato Grosso agree to give farmers and ranchers time to reforest their land to legal level.
Dr. Yiorgos Zalidis, Greece
Dr. Yiorgos Zalidis leads efforts to rehabilitate Lake Koroneia to restore its ecosystem.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), USA
The US EPA concludes greenhouse gas emissions endanger the public’s health.
Environment Minister Peter Garrett and Australia
Environment Minister Peter Garrett says Australia wishes to convert the International Whaling Commission into an organization to protect whales.
Kathy Tucker, USA
Veterinarian Kathy Tucker of Washington state provides free care for animals of unemployed caregivers.
Fanjing Mountain National Nature Reserve, China
The Fanjing Mountain National Nature Reserve’s management takes down a mountain-top hotel to protect endangered grey snub-nosed monkeys.
China plans to have more eco-friendly heating facilities to reduce pollution.
Gwynne Dyer, Canada
Canadian journalist and author Gwynne Dyer calls for immediate, open, and equitable actions on climate change.
Princess Hissah Al-Sha’alan, Saudi Arabia
Princess Hissah Al-Sha’alan honors female orphans at the Arab Orphan’s Day.
Morocco’s child protection program withdraws children under age 15 from working and sends them to school.
Patagonia  clothing company, USA
Patagonia plans to recycle 100% of its clothing merchandise by 2010.
USA, China, Nigeria, Turkey, Australia, Pakistan, Russia, Singapore, Bangladesh, France, and others
Navy leaders from 29 countries agree on working towards harmonious and free oceans: USA, China, Nigeria, Turkey, Australia, Pakistan, Russia, Singapore, Bangladesh, France, and others.
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad requests fair treatment of detained US-Iranian journalist Roxana Saberi and Canadian-Iranian journalist Hossein Derakhshan.
Supermarket chains in France and England
Major supermarket chains in France and England no longer sell eggs produced from caged birds.
Students, staff, and faculty of Zayed University, Abu Dhabi
Students from Zayed University launch a 3-day clean-up campaign to keep Abu Dhabi clean. 
Citizens of Nagpur, India
Citizens of Nagpur gather in the Ambewadi region to show support for preserving the forest from felling due to proposed construction.
Comerica Park, USA
Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan, plans to add veggie hotdogs to their menu.
Garden Brothers Circus, Canada
The Garden Brothers Circus performs without using animals and donates money to the Winnipeg Humane Society. 
Montserrat, international conservationists and scientists
With the Montserrat government’s support, international conservationists and scientists airlift rare frogs to prevent infection of a fungal disease.
Sydney bus driver, Australia
A Sydney bus driver has found a diamond and gives it to his colleague to return to its rightful owner.
Santiago Gori, Argentina
Taxi driver Santiago Gori promptly returns money left in his car to an elderly couple.
Chushla, a two-year-old Bedlington-Whippet mix
Chushla the dog saves caregiver’s life through her ability to detect potentially fatal hypoglycemic crises.
Dante, England
Dante the cat of Tasburgh refuses meat and eats only organic vegetables and fruits.

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