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9 Hearts - Pakistan
Pakistan unveils a US$4 million peace plan with a goal of reducing the military by thirty percent.   

9 Hearts -Dr. Robin Ali and Colleagues
Dr. Robin Ali and colleagues at University College in London administer gene therapy to improve the vision of people with Leber amaurosis, a rare form of visual impairment.

9 Hearts - Venezuela
Venezuela donates US$365 million to aid developing nations with rising food and energy prices.

9 Hearts - Netherlands
Dutch government increases funding for agriculture in developing countries, and donates €350 million to support African projects.

9 Hearts - United Kingdom
The UK donates US$260 million to Ethiopia for education and malaria nets. 

9 Hearts - UN International Fund for Agricultural Development
The UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development donates US$200 million to help farmers worldwide with their costs for the coming season’s crops.

9 Hearts - South Africa
South Africa forgives a debt of over US$120 million owed by Cuba. 

9 Hearts - Germany 
Germany cancels the €30 million debt from Pakistan, allowing Pakistan to spend half that amount on road construction, water supply and sanitation.
9 Hearts - Austria   
Austria donates €3.79 million to alleviate global food crisis.

9 Hearts - US Department of Agriculture  Leadership AWD
The US Department of Agriculture donates US$2 million to feed children in Bangladesh

9 Hearts - Hong Kong Sun Wah Group
The Hong Kong Sun Wah Group donates US$1 million to Âu Lạc (Vietnam) to improve education in developing regions.

9 Hearts - Denmark 
Denmark donates US$1 million to the Vietnam Software Association in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), and provides support for Âu Lạc’s software industry

9 Hearts - World Bank
The World Bank donates US$40 million to Madagascar to foster economic growth for small businesses. 

9 Hearts - Norway 
Norway donates US$504,000 to Kenya’s International Organization for Migration to help 220,000 displaced children and families

9 Hearts - Princess Astrid 
Princess Astrid of Belgium inaugurates a program to distribute 135 million mosquito nets in southern Africa.

9 Hearts -- Lagos
Lagos, Nigeria offers free health care, benefiting more than 280,000 people.

9 Hearts - Prince Charles
Britain’s Prince Charles warns that the world has 18 months to avert a global warming catastrophe.
9 Hearts - Dr. Hope Ferdowsian
US researcher Dr. Hope Ferdowsian urges a vegetarian diet as solution to world hunger, economic crises and global warming.

9 Hearts - Beijing
The city of Beijing, China is increasing the number of inspectors from 60,000 to 100,000 to enforce the city’s smoking ban.

9 Hearts - Turkey
Turkey bans smoking in public places, including schools, hospitals and shopping centers, commencing July 2009.

9 Hearts - United States
The United States bans the importation of illegally harvested wood and associated products

9 Hearts - Ontario
Ontario, Canada plans to ban the sale and use of pesticides in what the province said would be among the toughest such environmental laws in North America.
9 Hearts - Australian Senator Bartlett
Australian Senator Andrew Bartlett calls for a shift to a vegetarian diet as one of the most rapid and effective ways to solve the climate crisis.  

9 Hearts - New Forces group (Ivory Coast)
Over 1,000 members of the Ivory Coast’s New Forces group disarm in a ceremony to restore peace and prepare for upcoming national elections.

9 Hearts - Dr. Lorna Stuart
Dr. Lorna Stuart, who sold her US home in 2002 to provide healthcare to the uninsured, now treats 800 patients per month. 

9 Hearts - UNICEF
UNICEF successfully negotiates for 232 child-soldiers to be freed from military camps in Burundi. 

9 Hearts - Carol and Colin Rothery
Carol and Colin Rothery in the UK foster 64 children over the past 15 years. 

9 Hearts - Dustan Roach-Matthews
Eleven-year-old Canadian Dustan Roach-Matthews saves many lives by running through his apartment building, alerting people of a fire.

9 Hearts - Ethan Hall
Ethan Hall from Sycamore, Illinois, USA helps in saving the life of a fallen elderly woman by alerting his mother to call the police.

9 Hearts - Sergeant Luis Falcon
US Sergeant Luis Falcon arranges for an Iraqi girl to obtain two new prosthetic legs. 

9 Hearts - Costa Rica
Costa Rica announces a plan of planting seven million trees in 2008 as part of her goal to become carbon neutral.

9 Hearts - Women on 2008 Pedal for Peace Tour
Women from 30 countries cycle throughout the Middle East for the 2008 Pedal for Peace Tour. 

9 Hearts -- Denise Pickard and Dave Clarke
British couple Denise Pickard and Dave Clarke run 5 km to save a man who fell 30 meters down a mountainside.

9 Hearts - Bruce Hebert and Pedro Davila
Bruce Hebert and Pedro Davila of Massachusetts, USA, rescue a baby girl from a storm drain.

9 Hearts - Industrial Design Consultancy
Industrial Design Consultancy in UK develops SolarStore, an eco-friendly inflatable solar panel to replace water heaters.

9 Hearts - Angie Collins
Angie Collins donates kidney to Mr. Darren Paquin, her English teacher from over 20 years ago.

9 Hearts - Sony the Rottweiler
Sony the Rottweiler alerts his family of a bush fire in time for it to be extinguished, thereby protecting their home.

9 Hearts - Chilean doctors
Veterinarians in Chaiten, Chile rescue animals left behind after volcano evacuation.

9 Hearts - John Robert Bouterse
Eleven-year-old John Robert Bouterse from Michigan, USA immediately returns a wallet containing $800 after finding it in church parking lot.
9 Hearts -- Finland
Finland creates portable care facilities provide vital first aid birds affected by oil spills. 
9 Hearts- Russia and Mongolia 
Russia and Mongolia agree to remove about five kilometers of border fencing to ensure rare gazelles' safe migration cross the two countries

9 Hearts - Aid Donors to Burma (Myanmar) Cyclone relief
The following is a partial list of the many who have donated to emergency aid relief in Burma (Myanmar): 
UK (€6.3 million), UN (25 tons of aid), US ($250,000 plus aid), European Union (US$3.1 million), Christian Aid ($100,000), British Red Cross, ($60,000), Oxfam ($500,000), Canada (US$2 million), Czech (US$155,000), Czech human rights organization People In Need (US$31,000), China (US$1 million), Spain (€500,000), India (relief and medical supplies), Greece (US$300,000), Japan (US$250,000), Singapore (US$200,000), Indonesia (US$1 million), South Korea (US$100,000), Bangladesh (supplies), American Red Cross (US$100,000), Google (US$1 million). 

9 Hearts - Aid Donors to Sichuan, China earthquake relief
The following is a partial list of the many who have donated to emergency aid relief in China: 
Australia, Belgium, Botswana, Brazil, Canada (IFRC), Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Korea, Republic of, Kyrgyzstan, Mauritius, Norway, Oxfam (HK), Private (individuals & organizations), Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tonga, Turkey United Kingdom, United States.


Dubai Cares
Dubai Cares in the United Arab Emirates donates US$1 billion for children’s education in 12 countries. 

Queen Rania
Jordan’s Queen Rania encourages Arab oil producing nations to use their oil profits for building social equality and protecting the environment.

United Nations Environment Program
The United Nations Environment Program raises its tree planting goal from 1 billion to 7 billion trees to reduce atmospheric CO2 emissions.

Asian Development Bank
The Asian Development Bank announces plans to donate US$500 million in emergency aid to alleviate the impact of rising food prices Asia-Pacific countries. 

Ericsson and Zain
Telecom giants Ericsson and Zain work together to provide toll free mobile phone service in rural Africa.

Martin Palmer
Martin Palmer, founder of Alliance of Religions and Conservation, travels the world to encourage religious leaders to bring the message about climate change to their followers.

LA Metro Police Dept Victim Services
Transforms old cell phones to dial 911, to increase public
safety and help save the Earth at the same time. Gives phones to vulnerable women free.

Egypt opens Rafah crossing for Palestinians seeking medical treatment.

European Parliament
European Parliament produces a report on the detrimental effects of the livestock industry on the environment.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada promotes the vegetarian diet as a superior source of necessary nutrients for all age groups.

USA sends 500,000 tons of food aid to North Korea to help alleviate the country's crop shortages due to last year’s severe flood.

Japan plans to build 1,000 schools over five years to serve 400,000 students in Africa. 

UNICEF provides nutritional meals for 44,000 displaced children in Somalia.

Japan pledges a record US$560 million donation to alleviate AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

Sigmar Gabriel
German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel urges less meat consumption to protect the rainforest during his visit to Brazil.

The Nutrition Ecology International Center
The Nutrition Ecology International Center (NEIC) of Europe campaigns for European Union and member states to end subsidies to livestock industry.

American Institute for Cancer Research
The American Institute for Cancer Research issues warning against grilling meat, and recommends plant-based summer eating for better health.

Estonia introduces a new 'digestive gases tax' to compensate for the greenhouse gas that livestock cows produce.

Gary Francione
US Professor of Law Gary Francione says that animals require only one right, which is to be regarded as sentient beings, rather than as property

Venezuela offers $US100 million donation to allies for food crisis.

Stockholm International Water Institute
The report Saving Water from Field to Fork presented to United Nations states that vegetarian diet consumes 10 times less water than a meat-based diet and can thus help alleviate global poverty.

The UN endorses the Clean Development Mechanism, allowing countries to receive Kyoto credits for investing in the emissions-reducing projects of developing nations. 

Dr. Michael Nobel
Dr. Michael Nobel, the great-grandnephew of Nobel Prize founder Alfred Nobel, encourages the public to become vegetarian and use alternative energy to curb climate change.

British fire crew
UK local fire crews rescue distressed fish in a lake by re-oxygenating the water.

The Raptor Chapter of Idaho
The Raptor Chapter of Idaho assembles a team to create an artificial beak for an eagle who lost hers a few years ago, enabling her to eat again. 

United States
The US plans to bring 3,500 soldiers home from Iraq.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calls for international collaboration to halt the manufacture of illicit drugs. 

Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation
The Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation produces film documentary “Meat the Truth,” revealing best scientific information on the devastating effects of eating meat on the environment.   

US National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration
US National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration designs a technology to protect right whales by alerting ships to the whales’ presence. 

Tesco (UK)
Tesco, a British retail chain, announces a carbon labeling system that makes it easy for shoppers to compare the carbon footprint created by different products.

Sonchat and Sanchai Ratiwatana
Thai tennis stars and twin brothers Sonchat and Sanchai Ratiwatana save a mother and child from fire.

Central Washington Girls Softball Team
US Central Washington Girls Softball team members carry an injured player around the bases to allow her to achieve her first home run.
Wildlife Conservation Society and BirdLife International
Wildlife Conservation Society and BirdLife International partner with Cambodian authorities to protect the habitat of the endangered Bengal Florican.

Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association
Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association offer their workers company-subsidized rice to help them cope with food shortages.   

Mayor Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson, mayor of London, UK, bans alcohol on the city’s public transport system. 

Formosa (Taiwan)
Formosa (Taiwan) plans to implement a labeling system next year which clearly identifies foods suitable for vegetarians. 

Irish Minister of Health Pat Gallagher announces strengthened measures to control alcohol advertising in Ireland.

United Kingdom
UK donates US$8 million for rebuilding Liberia’s health sector, including funding for over 40 doctors to travel and assist in medical treatment.

The Netherlands bans the use of hallucinogenic mushrooms to ensure the public’s health.

Aulacese doctors
A team of Aulacese (Vietnamese) doctors perform free surgeries and eye examinations for the less fortunate in Cambodia’s Kandal Province.

Tan Chin Won
Tan Chin Won, a teenage girl in Singapore, gives her US$500 award to a friend in need.

Descendants of the oil giant John D. Rockefeller call for a global warming task force along with curbs on emissions and a sustainable energy policy.

Church Aid Incorporated
Liberia's Church Aid Incorporated donates US$1 million worth of vegetable seeds to Liberian farmers.

Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss
India’s Health Minister, Anbumani Ramadoss, requests actors to stop drinking and smoking on camera.

Sommay Jaljong
Thailand sees the bloom of vegetarian fares where proprietor Ms. Sommay Jaljong offers the public daily lessons of vegetarian cooking.

Dr. Howard Stoate
To protect the youth, UK Parliament member Dr. Howard Stoate calls for a ban on alcohol advertisements at sporting events.

Canada enacts a complete ban on cigarette smoking in federal prisons.

Michigan Senate approves smoking ban in public places throughout the state.

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
Philippine president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo pardons nine military officers who had been involved in a coup attempt several years earlier.

Scotland alcohol ban to under-21s proves a success with a significant drop in disorderly conduct.

The Tasmanian Fire Service
The Tasmanian Fire Service rescues a man trapped in an elevator by using hydraulic tools to create an opening in the lift door.

Lowell Lo
Hong Kong celebrity singer Lowell Lo urges youth attending his concerts to save the planet by eating less meat.

Dog Heroes
Two dogs in China accompany and comfort a quake survivor for days until she is rescued from her entrapment. Also, a dog saves a group of police officers by warning them of the coming earthquake.

British lady Louise rescues dogs and cats in Iraq and relocates them to her homeland of England.

Veggie Pride Parade
The First Veggie Pride Parade in America takes place in New York City
USA to promote the healthy and compassionate vegetarian way of life.

Halima Tayo Alao
Nigeria Minister of Environment, Ms. Halima Tayo Alao, urges the nation to adopt green living practices to halt global warming

Dr. Boyd Cohen
To promote individual’s efforts of being green, Canadian professor Boyd Cohen at Simon Fraser University sets up prize for the world’s greenest person.

Hyderabad , India
The capital city of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh, India, turns off its lights for an hour on May 3, 2008 to conserve energy and to raise public awareness.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka launches Climate Change Secretariat to oversee the country’s environmental policies

Iranian women
Iranian women gain first place at the Korean International Women’s Invention Exposition, receiving 23 medals in total.

The US places the polar bear under the protection of the Endangered Species Act, recognizing it to be the first animal at risk due to climate change

China enacts the first pollutant emissions limit on fertilizers to ensure more eco-sound practices and to protect the purity of rivers and lakes.

The United Nations Environment Program funds tree planting in Nigeria.

British Retail Consortium
UK trade association British Retail Consortium announces the first retailing program that aims at curbing climate change

Google and United Kingdom
Google and the UK’s environment ministry and meteorological office develop an animated map demonstrating reality and impact of climate change on people's lives.

United Kingdom
UK oil group BP moves ‘beyond petroleum’ with an US$8 billion commitment to invest in green projects over the next ten years.

Fayez Amman and Wasim al-Khuzundar
Palestinian engineers Fayez Amman and Wasim al-Khuzundar convert conventional petrol vehicle into electric model that uses 32 batteries

Indian Scientists
Indian scientists develop fuel-free cooling system for buildings.

Hà Nội Association of Volunteers
The Hà Nội Association of Volunteers at Âu Lạc (Vietnam) launches “Green Hà Nội -1000 years” eco-program for urban clean up.

Dr. Veerabhadran Ramanathan
Climate scientist Dr. Veerabhadran Ramanathan sponsors Project Surya to provide developing countries with clean energy cooking devices.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology develop a 50% more efficient and considerably cheaper fuel cell model

Iran’s 21st International Book Fair in Tehran hosts the largest number of visitors in the world. 

Huỳnh Anh Vũ
Quiz show champion Huỳnh Anh Vũ in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) gives his awards to charity.

Justin Daniel Junio
Philippines' swimming wonder Justin Daniel Junio asks the government for clean and safe waters after swimming across the Mactan Channel at age 6.

Âu Lạc
Âu Lạc (Vietnam) raises over US$900,000 for the less fortunate through a charity golf tournament “Business People Do Charity”.

Queen Elizabeth
Britain's Queen Elizabeth is going green by investing in the largest wind turbine in the world

Stage Coach
Scotland bus company Stage Coach partners with the Scottish charity Global Trees for the planting of 140,000 trees to offset carbon emissions.

Iran Quranic Institute
The Javan Quran Interpretation Institute loans books to the poor to enhance cultural and spiritual development

Scotland announces plans to ban the open display of cigarettes.

Arnie Mepico
Honest Philippine Waterfront Hotel employee Arnie Mepico returns lost valuables to their rightful owner.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) donates US$80,000 to assist Chile monitor the active Chaitén volcano.

Sri Lanka
The Sri Lankan Parliament launches a trilingual website, making parliamentary information more accessible to the public.

FreshDirect, a leading US online grocery in New York offers vegan meals as part of its “4-Minute Meals” product line.

Police in Formosa (Taiwan)
Police in Taiwan (Formosa) take the lead to commence a four-month program to reduce carbon emissions.

United Kingdom
Northern Ireland requires all homes being sold to display an energy performance certificate

Church members from New Hampshire, USA
Volunteer church members from Greenland and Raymond in New Hampshire, USA, donate US$750,000 worth of food to less fortunate

Australian Doctors
Australian doctors suggest taxes on junk food and subsidies for fruits and vegetables.

Telecom company AT&T donates 10,000 pre-paid phone cards for overseas military personnel to contact with their family members on Mother’s Day.

Iran grants15-day visas to all tourists from the eight developing Islamic countries (D8) upon arrival in the country.

United Kingdom
United Kingdom releases the first eight files on reported UFO sightings at the website

Liu Yi
Liu Yi of China wins a US$60,000 Whitley Prize in recognition of his efforts to replant mangroves for sustainable energy.

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