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Goodhearted viewers, welcome to Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants. Today is Christmas Day, marking the glorious birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth more than 2000 years ago. As Jesus profoundly loved all animals, today’s show celebrates these gentle beings. Our special correspondent Benny will now take us to visit some of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s marvelous animal friends. Halo, Benny!

Ruff, ruff! Merry Christmas! I’m Supreme Master Ching Hai’s beloved canine companion, Benny. Today I’ll show you a heaven on Earth, which is where I live with my big family. Here, we play and eat happily and live in bliss every day.

Oh! She is my most beloved mommy. At our home, all the dogs and birds are her children. I love to sleep in her arms comfortably and feel her tender love.

You don't need to teach a dog. If you love him, he responds. He responds with love and he will surprise you no end.

Mommy, I love you forever!

Benny, my sweetheart, you're my sweetheart. Ben, Ben, tum-tum...

Ha! Here comes the naughty Happy! She loves to run in circles.

Who said I’m naughty? I just love to play with mommy. Mom, come to get me! Come to get me!

Happy, the chubby... a lot of wrinkles... a chubby.

My mommy is the gentlest mommy in the whole world.

Time to fetch the balls! Let’s see who’s the best! Hey!

Oooh. Wow! Wow! Lucky is small, you know. He runs to any corner and gets it. Good boy. Good boy, Lucky!

La, la, la, la. There’s a colorful, super orchestra at our home. Now…. He, he, he, it’s time for a shower!

La, la, la.... Yes, yeah, yeah.

Just a little shower makes you happy... just a little shower. I’d rather have you cleaner, as you will be a happy bird.

Mommy is an artist. She decorated the room so beautifully. She prepared toys for all her children.

Yeah. Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly, yeah. Fly, yeah, good boy! Fly, you good boy! Exercise. Excellent... good, good, good! Again, fly, fly. Does it feel good? Yeah, it does. Turn around. Turn around and round. Turn around, around. Turn around, around, around. Yeah! That's so nice!

Sunny! Show your best move!

Anakhan, time for a show! Let’s hear your beautiful voice!

Haa. You're camera shy. Me too, baby. Ah, halo. How are you? How are you? Wow! That's a good sing. I love you so. Oh, what a good and noble being! Wow! What a big bird! Woo, that's a big bird! Let's do a new song you sing. That's a new song, baby. It's a beautiful song. Thank you so much. Thank you so much.

Apart from playing, we’re also good, hardworking helpers of mommy.

Yeah, that one is good. Is another one there? Another one there? Come on. It's Okay. Yeah, this one too. Come on. Cut it up. Yeah, this one, too. Come, come. Yeah, yeah, cut it off, baby, cut it off. Yeah, we do cleaning the garden, yeah. Wow! Thank you, baby, such a good girl! She preened it. She looked into the brown. You see that? She took the whole thing, but way into the brown part, then she cut it. Good bird. What a good bird. Look at that! Look at this working girl. You work a lot! Thank you.

Playing with dogs is Gentino’s favorite thing. He likes to brush everyone’s fur. When we see him, we show him respect.

Although many birds came before me, mommy loves me the same.

Say something, baby. Yeah, what a big bird you are. Yeah, big bird. (Big bird!) Good boy. (Good boy.) (I love you.) Yeah, I love you. Pretty bird. La, la, la, la, la, la, la.... Good boy! Yeah, good boy!

Mommy likes to take us out for walks to smell the flowers, the grass and the fresh air.

Yeah, you're a real bird; look like a real bird now. Isn't that cool here? Isn't that cool here, yeah. It's nicer to stay in the real tree, neh? This is a real tree, you see this? You're so beautiful. Yeah, it's a real tree; it's a real tree, yeah. With real leaves, tastes good, yeah, yeah. How nice! Good to see you. It feels good, yeah, yeah.

The horse is our good neighbor. Mommy always brings tasty foods for him.

Hey! How are you, baby? Good, good boy! Are you Okay? Are you Okay, baby? How come I call you, you didn't hear? Good boy. You are good!!!

There are many lovely animal friends at Lake Amoura. All of them love mommy so much. The ducks are here to visit mommy.

And the Duckess of Lilidale, oh, look at such a big tum tum. You see the big tum tum he has on one side? You guys are really tame with dining, huh? You're not afraid at all. You are wild ducks, you are. Hey, look at you, hmm? Oh, quack, quack, quack! You're happy! Quack, quack, quack! Quack! You're happy here, huh?

Many noble, elegant swans live here in Lake Amoura.

So this is the island. Today, no wind, huh? All these flowers didn't flow away yet. Can you imagine, the lake is covered by the flowers. Hi, baby! Hi, sweetheart! Hi, Pitu! Pitu, I brought you some bread again, honey. Can you eat? You pick it up, Okay, honey? You're a good girl. You're a diligent mum-mum. Such a good bird you are. And you're a vegetarian! So I have to serve you because you're good-good. Here baby! There you are! There, you eat, okay? Oh, good girl! There you are. Eat, keep yourself strong, Okay?

There you are, baby. And I'll leave a lot here for you to find it later to eat. Okay? I'll leave some more a little bit farther. Yeah, like that. Oh! And the salad, I forgot. Good spinach. Good spinach, girl! Come on, baby. There you are. Okay now, I'm not coming back until tomorrow. There you are, baby-love. I put it everywhere, Okay? You go find them. Okay, now, bye-bye! Take good care, huh? Protect your eggs, Okay? Hatch it well! I want many babies, run around! Bye, Pitu! Bye, Sai!

Amoura is truly beautiful!

The sun is warm and the breeze is cool. Today we’ll have a barbecue party. Mommy will do the grilling. The food will be so yummy.

Good boy! What a good boy you are! Hermit, out of there. Don't go too far, Okay. You stay here and we barbecue. All right? Such a good boy. Yeah! Today we'd like to barbecue, Okay? If you want to eat it first like that, it's fine too. You want to eat just like that, the tofu? Yeah! Okay, happy? If you want to eat like that, it's fine.

Here, just a little bit, just to taste, okay? And then we have to barbecue, hmm? Here, it's for you. You want something? Here, honey. Here, Luck, Luck. Here, good boy. Begin to barbecue. Yeah, we will do that. Everybody, there's a lot of room. Wow, tomato, oh! Happy! Here Lucky, baby?

Yay! Today is Christmas Day. It’s my favorite time of the year. Mommy will give us Christmas presents! I’m so happy. I want one, I want one!

Me too, me too!

Oh, wow! Looks like Christmas morning, because I'm still in a bathrobe. Woah! What do we got here? Yo! Yo! Sit! Sit! Goody! Sit! Good boy! Hermit. No, Hermit! Leave it to him! You have another one. Sit! Hermit! Oh, Benny, Benny, yeah. Oh, Happy, sit! Sit! Sit! Happy, yeah. Sit! Good girl! Merry Christmas! Hermit, sit. Merry Christmas!

You, Lucky. Can you open it? I open it for you. It may be too hard... What a thing! Yeah. You can smell it? Wow! Okay. Okay. Do the rest. Whoa! Lucky, are you begging for what? Alright. I open it. You can? Here you go. You see that? You see what you got in there? Open the rest. All right? Merry Christmas you guys! Good. He found it. You're all right. Good, huh? Christmas morning is good, huh?

Every Christmas, we’re super happy, because our mommy loves us very much. It’s like heaven here.

May all the animals in the world be loved like we are and live happily! Merry Christmas!

And now, we’d like to share a Christmas Message from Supreme Master Ching Hai: Christmas. The season of beauty, of love, of peace and of hope for a better tomorrow. Let us celebrate this noble event with love for all sentient and non-sentient beings on our magnificent planet. Let the living Christmas trees grow high upward to carry their thanks to Heaven. Let the living animals and feathered friends sing their praises to the Creator. Yes! Let us celebrate the birth of Christ by appreciating and protecting lives: for His birth means life. Yes! Let us live and let live.

We’d like to convey our deepest thanks to Supreme Master Ching Hai for sharing the recordings that we’ve seen today featuring many of her animal companions and friends as well as for being our planet’s leading light in advancing the cause of animal welfare and protection. As Jesus Christ taught, may our animal co-inhabitants always be honored and treasured.

Cherished viewers, we enjoyed your wonderful company on today’s program. Coming up next is Enlightening Entertainment, after Noteworthy News. May all beings forever enjoy peace and happiness.

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