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The Amazing Aptitude of Animal Companions      
Hallo cheerful viewers, and welcome to Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants, for today’s program featuring beloved animal companions from all around the globe who will amaze us with their awesome abilities and talents. We’ll meet exquisite animal dancers, a good conversationalist, an animal companion who helps with the laundry, and more!

Teaching your animal companion new skills is a good way to have fun and bond with your unconditional friend. What is the best method to encourage our animal friends to learn new talents? Let's hear a couple of tips from an expert, Mr. Huang Fa-Chung, a trainer at Bolin Pets Hotel.

In training my dogs, I always praise them verbally. For instance, this dog is being naughty, then I would say to him: “Be good! You are wonderful!” And then pet him with my hands. If we give the dog a command telling him to sit down and he acted accordingly, then we should praise him in the first instance – it should be within three seconds. If he refused to obey, we should immediately go over to encourage him. After you repeated it for a few times, the dog would understand.

All dogs can definitely be trained. We train dogs in this way as they are very habitual. We teach him every day, and if he repeats doing this action every day, he will do it naturally later. This dog was very timid when she first came; she simply fainted upon seeing people. You have to treat this kind of dogs with much love, and try to play with them as much as possible. Then gradually you can start to train them. Now she is not so afraid of people or dogs.

Animals are highly intelligent and have the aptitude to learn not only simple tricks but can be taught helpful actions to help their caregivers. Let's meet three dogs named Kellea, Caddy and Journey, from Ohio, USA. Their human mom has special needs, and these devoted canines are ready and willing to help her in whatever ways they can.

I help my mom close the door whenever she needs me to.

I also like to help her with the laundry. Okay, here is the pink towel, and here is one of your socks, and here is the green towel.

I just love helping you because I love you!

Caddy, a magnificent Labrador, is also learning to help.

Oooops. Mom dropped her remote control and can't pick it up. I’ll get it for her, and then we can both enjoy watching television together.

While most caretakers take their dogs for a walk, Tilley a large, white Goldendoodle, enjoys taking his human companion for a ride in her wheelchair.

I’ll need to slow down now and carefully maneuver to get her safely between these two cars.

Wonderful! Now that we are on the road, we can move more quickly. What a beautiful day to go for a walk together.

Our avian friends love to entertain us with their endearing antics, too. Sisi, the Yellow-crested cockatoo is visiting a Loving Hut vegan restaurant for the first time.

Check out this amazing menu! And to think that everything here is totally vegan, free from any animal products. How loving and compassionate! The food looks so yummy! Maybe I should have some of these tasty spring rolls. Wait, this looks like a refreshing salad. Or how about a fresh fruit plate? That sure sounds delish!

Here come the waitress, and I still haven't decided what to eat. You know, this restaurant makes me soooo happy, I just want to sing and dance for joy!!

Here’s Winnie, a veggie wild boar piglet. Not only is she adorable, but she is super smart and so obedient.

Mom said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Some animal companions enjoy interactive games with their caregiver, like the very intelligent little Shih Tzu named Shan Mei.

Okay, give me "five", give me "five". Now give me "ten", give me "ten". My human is so smart!

With all that exercise, I need a little drink of water.

I’m having so much fun! Look what else I can do: I can roll over.... And I can "speak". And again. I can turn around in circles in both directions, just for fun. Sometimes I pretend that I am a beautiful ballerina, just to make her laugh. When my Mom gives me supper, I will not touch even one bite until she tells me I can eat. She tells me I’m a very good girl! I just love, love, love my mommy.

Supreme Master Ching Hai, internationally renowned author of the #1 bestselling books, "The Dogs in My Life", "The Birds in My Life" and "The Noble Wilds", has adopted 10 dogs and 23 birds. Through telepathic communication based on pure love, Supreme Master Ching Hai’s books reveal the magnificent inner spirit world of animals, their innate intelligence and dignified qualities.

In a gathering with our Association members in Florida, USA on June 5, 2001, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke about her feathered friends and shared how Mirabeau is such a smart and charming Umbrella cockatoo.

Even the bird laughs. Sometimes she looks at the dog making trouble, and she said, "Oh, funny dog! Ha-ha-ha." So funny. Funny dog, ha-ha-ha-ha. Laugh so much. Sometimes she laughs, rolling. Show off. So young and show off already. Not trained, nothing yet. Just eats, sleeps. Trains herself. Very clever bird! You're a good bird. Say, "I'm a good girl." Not really. She said she doesn't want it. What's so funny? What is so funny? You're not laughing at me, no? Now she shuts up. Funny bird.

Birds, dogs, these animals they don't worry too much about tomorrow. They eat and they just do whatever. Whatever is there, they eat and then they go to sleep. That's why they're mostly connected with God at all times. At any time, they can connect with God. That's why they know a lot of things. That's why they can see things we don't even see. They sense things that we don't sense. They have intuition that we can only dream of. Their faculties are much, … multiple times sharper than ours.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude for all the noble animals who grace our Earth. As our loyal companions and benefactors they bring so much joy, balance and love into our lives.

Radiant viewers, thank you for joining us today for Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for Enlightening Entertainment, after Noteworthy News. May you always be blessed with true friendship, abundance and peace in your life.

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