Sea lice from fish farms infecting wild salmon. - 21 Nov 2010  
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Canadian researchers have found fish farms to be a major source of sea lice and other marine pathogens that are infesting wild salmon off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. The study reveals that while about five percent of juvenile salmon were affected in areas without fish farms, up to 40% were afflicted in areas with high concentrations of fish farms.

Lead author, Professor John Reynolds of Simon Fraser University, said: “Everyone thought before it was a Broughton-specific problem, and we are showing here that it is a problem in every region we investigated." 

In fish farms, attempts are made to control sea lice with medication, but for wild fish, especially the vulnerable young, they can be lethal.

Our appreciation, Professor Reynolds and colleagues, for your efforts to highlight the grave dangers posed by fish farms on surrounding wildlife.

Let us strive to eliminate such life-threatening conditions to ensure the safety of the salmon and all other beings of the wild that grace our Earth.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has long emphasized the need for humanity to act with greater consideration for our co-inhabitants, as during an August 2009 videoconference in Thailand.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: The natural evolution is that we let it evolve. But here, we come interfering with everything. We raise the animals, we force them in cramp little crates that they could not even move around, so we breed disease and we cause suffering to ourselves by eating these disease-filled flesh of animals – cause suffering to them, cause suffering to us.

We even breed animals unnaturally, like at least 55 billion livestock per year, and billions more fish, etc. These are not natural made. We even breed fish in a confined area. And these numbers have since increased and are continuously increasing. Moreover, we went against our own human evolution as well, as we were biologically made to digest only plant-based food.

We have to protect all species so that we can keep our biodiversity and keep a natural evolution for all beings,including humans. Please, be veg.,sea-lice-from-farmed-salmon-has-been-found-infesting-