Earth’s resources run out on August 21 - 21 Aug 2010  
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Saying that humans are using more natural reserves than nature can give, environmental advocacy group, Global Footprint Network, has calculated that our resources are being used at a rate more than 30% higher than what nature has available.

As such, all global resources have been consumed as of August 21, with everything used after today such as water, crops and products from the forests leaving an Earthly deficit.

The scientists estimate that at this rate, reserves will be 100% depleted by 2040, which would be catastrophic. Italian scientist Roberto Brambilla, who is affiliated with the research, has stated that the keys to a better balance include eating less meat, riding a bicycle and using sustainable energy sources.

Our appreciation Dr. Brambilla and Global Footprint Network for this unique view of our current dis-harmony with the planet. Let us all act quickly to preserve both resources and lives by finding ways to live in balance with the Earth.