Eco-friendly plastic disposal discovered - 26 Feb 2010  
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Bioengineering Professor Mukesh Doble and research scholar Trishul Artham of India’s Institute of Technology in Chennai worked with microscopic organisms and ultraviolet light in seeking a safe way to dispose of the some 2.7 million tons of plastics manufactured each year containing the substance Biphenyl A.

The scientists found that this plastic decomposed harmlessly through a process involving pretreatment with UV light, along with heat and several types of fungi.

The fungi was able to use the plastic chemicals as a source of energy, resulting in significant decomposition within 12 months without releasing any of the potentially harmful Biphenyl A. Professor Doble and Mr. Artham, a green hats off for your exciting technological development! Wishing you the best in continuing to bring such
wholesome advancement that help restore our planet for the benefit of all beings.