Megvilágosító szórakozás
Két chilei ember, egy család, sok hálás élet (spanyolul)   

Greetings, viewers of Supreme Master Television. On February 27, 2010,
Chile was hit by a devastating 8.8-magnitude earthquake and tsunami that resulted
in over 520 fatalities and injuries of hundreds of people. 

 (In Spanish) Dr. Juan Abhuadba (m):
Those who give their lives if necessary in an emergency, they were nowhere,they were not seen. Of course not, because these anonymous people, they act almost instinctively
without reason, their only goal is to save others at any cost.

When the quake struck the city of Constitución, a seaside resort, it was 3:34 am. People awoke, caught off guard at their camping grounds on an island of the Maule River. With the tsunami coming, they had no way to escape. Mr. Héctor Osvaldo González, 47, ran to
his boat, 『The Humble Little Grandma,』 and crossed the Maule River. He picked up the first 10 people in 10 minutes. Second and third boatloads with at least 20 people each made it
to safety as well. Some of the rescues were family members.
By then, he had to navigate through the wreckage, as entire houses floated by.
But on the fourth attempt, he saw a black wall of water – the tsunami, 8-meters high. He was forced to turn back. He was safe, as were the 60 lives he had saved. But his boat was destroyed along with the borrowed motor, leaving him financially burdened. Meanwhile, his cousin
Osvaldo Alejandro Gómez, also attempted a boat rescue. Unfortunately, he did not survive the tsunami. One of the rescued relatives said, 『He’s a hero, because he risked himself to go after us who were on the island.』 Due to a confusion involving the identities of
the two men, who shared the same nickname Lalo, only a year after the tragedy did the courage of Mr. González come to be widely known. Supreme Master Ching Hai honored Mr.Héctor Osvaldo González with the Shining World Hero Award, along with a US$10,000 gift to help ease
the cost related to repairing his boat. She also honored Mr. Osvaldo Alejandro Gómez with the posthumous Shining World Hero Award and US$2,000 to help ease the memorial expense.

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