We thank the followingand those unknown persons, groups,agencies, organizations and governments for their loving and selfless actions that bring meaningful comfort and assistance to others.May your lives be graced by the Divine with evermore joy and fulfilling reward.
BARKA Foundation and Danny Garcia
The BARKA Foundation and Danny Garcia partner for a 500-mile walk to raise funds for rural drinking water in Burkina Faso.
President Boni Yayi
Benin President Boni Yayi has brought  free education, empowered disadvantaged women, promoted food security to his country.
US President Barack Obama
US President Barack Obama announces a US$63 billion initiative to provide health care to people in less advantaged countries.
US Agency for International Development
The US Agency for International Development (USAID) donates US$150 million to help Afghan opium poppy farmers switch to wholesome crops.
Australia promises over US$70 million to restore roads in the Philippines.
European Commission
The European Commission will donate €54 million to Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya and Uganda to restore nutritional stability.
Robert O. Blake
US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Robert O. Blake affirms a donation of US$21 million for civil conflict refugees.
North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA bans indoor smoking.
The Department of State for Health and Social Welfare, Gambia
Gambia’s Department of State for Health and Social Welfare announces a smoking ban in public places.
Sivan Achor-Borowich
Sivan Achor-Borowich’s Jewish Heart for Africa uses solar panels and other technology to benefit villages in African countries.
Amy Lambert, United Kingdom
British university student Amy Lambert purchases and rebuilds an orphanage in Tanzania.
Birthday Wishes
Birthday Wishes charity arranged birthday parties for over 1,000 homeless children in 2008.
Police officers Constables Ian Hamill, Andrew Walker, Peter Collyer, Ken Dwight and Ian Thompson
Senior Police Constables Ian Hamill, Andrew Walker, Peter Collyer, Ken Dwight and Ian Thompson risk their lives to save hundreds of residents of the town of Marysville, Australia  from an imminently approaching fire.
Faron Hal, Canada
Faron Hal, a homeless man from Winnepeg, risks his life to rescue a teenage boy from a river.
Eleven-year-old Zack Bonner, USA
Eleven-year-old Zack Bonner walks 1,200 miles to Washington, D.C. to raise money for homeless children.
Animal Welfare of Luxor (AWOL)
UK-based Animal Welfare of Luxor (AWOL) shares information with villagers in Egypt on caring for their animal helpers.
Birds’ Hospital, India
Birds’ Hospital in India provides free medical treatment to all birds.
Jason Perkins
Jason Perkins invented Peepo, a navigation system for guide dogs that will give complete freedom to the blind.
Ship 41, USA
Members of Ship 41 in Ohio won first prize for their device that removes garbage from marina or dock areas.
Mr. Chen of Beijing, China
Mr. Chen’s quick thinking in driving his car into a runaway BMW saved the life of a 6-year-old girl.
Darren Greenan and Laura Frey, Scotland
Darren Greenan and Laura Frey sacrificed their lives after jumping in a river to attempt to rescue their dogs.
Lynita Regis, USA
Lynita Regis of Washington, USA returns US$270,000 that was inadvertently deposited in her account.
Tustin Mains, USA
Nebraskan 6-year-old Tustin Mains’ saved lives by taking command of the car after his father lost consciousness.
Dr. Michael Bascombe
Dr. Michael Bascombe, a vegan Australian animal telepathic communicator, has been developing holistic healing techniques that helps both animals and their caregivers.
Lakota Lou the Australian shepherd, USA
Lakota Lou, an Australian shepherd, adopts and cares for four orphaned kittens.
Zara the dog, UK
Zara the dog saved the lives of her two human family members from their burning home. 
Jackson the Doberman pinscher
Jackson the Doberman pinscher leads his human caregiver to get help for his ailing neighbor.

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