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European Commission,World Bank,USA,Germany,France,Japan,Sweden,International Monetary Fund
The European Commission and World Bank hosted a conference in which the international community
donated over US$4.5 billion for the rehabilitation of Georgia’s economy and resettling displaced persons.

Italy forgives Pakistan’s debt of US$100 million which has been converted into funds for healthcare
and education projects in Pakistan.

Sweden donates US$35 million to boost the operation of Uganda’s hospitals and medical clinics and
assure that all Ugandans have access to quality healthcare.

United States
The United States announces a US$8.4 million food aid to Pakistan.

European Union
The European Union pledged nearly US$20 million to the Horn of Africa to provide food aid,
as well as nutritional and livelihood support.

Ireland,the Netherlands,the United Kingdom
Ireland,the Netherlands,and the United Kingdom donate US$18.5 million to the organization DKT Ethiopia to help prevent and treat HIV/AIDS.

Jet Li
Chinese action star Jet Li takes a year off to focus on his One Foundation aid organization,
which has provided over US$14.6 million to reconstruction efforts after the earthquake in China.

European Union
The European Union donates US$17.6 million as part of the 5-year US$270 million commitment,
to support Nicaragua in various sectors including good governance,education,and improvement of business.

International Fund for Agricultural Development
The International Fund for Agricultural Development donates US$8.6 million to the Republic of Congo to
provide food security for rural poor people through agricultural training,access to better seeds
and planting materials,and marketing guidelines for their agricultural products.

United States
The United States announced a US$8.3 million donation to help displaced persons in Pakistan,Afghanistan,and Georgia.

42 African nations
42 African nations agreed to sign the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM),which bans the use,
manufacture or transport of any type of cluster munitions and requires safe disposal of existing ones.

Father Nguyễn Thức
Father Nguyễn Thức at Hà Đông Church in Âu Lạc organizes help for the blind for the past seven years and
even initiated a rice fund to support 21 shelters in the city and other communities with his own savings
of 21 years of priesthood.

Abdul Rahim Kahar
Abdul Rahim Kahar,president of the Sabah Thalassaemia in Malaysia,helps hundreds of children and
young adults afflicted with thalassaemia,and he also wishes to set up a 『thalassaemia village』 in the city
for those who have to travel long distance to get treatment.

Chancellor Cavanaugh of Pennsylvania,USA
University Chancellor John Cavanaugh of Pennsylvania,USA,prohibits smoking from all 14 state universities.

Dane County,Wisconsin
Dane County,Wisconsin,USA,bans smoking in unincorporated areas for all workplaces,bars and restaurants.

Croatia bans smoking in all public institutions and workplaces,and health risk warnings will be required
to cover 40% of the back of cigarette packs.

Monaco bans smoking in any buildings where children are present,prohibits the sale of tobacco to persons
under 16 years of age,and provides resources for those who wish to give up smoking on the government’s website.

A report by the University of California – Berkeley,USA,reveals that California’s energy efficiency initiatives
during the past 35 years resulted in a net savings of US$56 billion in electricity costs,and a creation
of 1.5 million jobs.

Heidi Hautala
Heidi Hautala,member of the Finnish Parliament and vegetarian entrepreneur,encourages the reduction
of meat consumption to curb global warming at the 『Megapolis 2023 – Happy Cities』 seminar.

A new bill in the United States allocates US$78 million for organic research between 2009 and 2012
and also offers farmers US$20,000 per year for a maximum of US$80,000 over a six year period
to convert their conventional growing practices to organic.

Romania will launch the 『Green Houses』 program in 2009 that will provide 90% of the installation
costs for solar panels placed on the roofs of newly constructed homes.

French scientists
French scientists have successfully created an artificial heart that works much like a real organ and could be available for life-saving transplants by 2011

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US invented Voltree Power which uses the electricity generated by trees to power remote automated weather stations.

Bradley Saul
Bradley Saul of California,USA,founded the non-profit organization Organic Athlete to introduce the concept
of a meat-free diet to communities and inspire them with examples of athletes who follow the vegetarian diet.

Académie Nationale Diplomatique et Consulaire
The  Académie Nationale Diplomatique et Consulaire in Haiti waives all student debts in the wake of hurricanes and the challenging economic times.

Hà Nội,Âu Lạc (Vietnam)
Hà Nội,Âu Lạc (Vietnam)will be the first city in the nation to ban smoking in all public places
and public transportation,as well as state buildings.

Professor Sakena Yacoobi
Professor Sakena Yacoobi founded the Afghan Institute of Learning in 1995 to train teachers,which now serves over 350,000 women and children every year in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Syria and Lebanon
Full diplomatic relations have been established between Syria and Lebanon for the first time since their
respective independence in the 1940s.

China extends foreign journalist policy that allows free travel within the country,as well as open
permission to interview Chinese citizens.

Paavo Arhinmäki
Paavo Arhinmäki,a vegetarian and member of the Finnish Parliament,encourages his co-citizens
to be veg in his advertisement for his election campaign.

Eleni Vlachos
Filmmaker and vegan Eleni Vlachos promotes the vegetarian,meat-free diet through her documentary 『Seeing through the Fence,』 to help viewers make a connection between dietary choices and animal suffering.

With the goal of making the city of Chandigarh,India,into a vegetarian city,the student organization
YES+(Youth Empowerment and Skills Workshop) persuaded one non-vegetarian restaurant to switch to
serving vegetarian meals,and they have plans to convince more to do the same.

Dr. John Kelly
Dr. John Kelly,Executive Director of the Lifestyle and Health Center in Virginia,USA,
advocates and practices 『lifestyle medicine』 which encourages a vegan diet and regular exercise.

Ellen Degeneres
Ellen Degeneres,American popular talk show host,has turned vegan after hosting a vegan wedding
in August of this year.

Jay Weiss Center for Social Medicine & Health Equity,The Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Medical students at the Jay Weiss Center for Social Medicine and Health Equity at the University of Miami
in Florida and The Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York USA opt for residency positions and
training at institutions providing health care to the underprivileged.

CalStar Cement
CalStar Cement developed a way to produce bricks that require 90% less energy than the traditional
clay-burning method,which greatly reduced its carbon footprint.

University of Delaware scientists
Researchers at the University of Delaware in the USA discovered that,when exposed to fungi or bacterial
infections,plants sent out an S.O.S signal through its roots to attract a beneficial microbe
that helps restore it to its health.

Prince Harry and Prince William
Prince Harry and Prince William are joining the Enduro Africa 2008 motorbike charity race to raise
half a million US dollars for the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF),the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund,and
Sentebale,a charity for AIDS orphans founded by Prince Harry and Lesotho’s Prince Seeiso.

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Japan’s Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation designed a 『green』 shoe that generates enough
electricity to power an iPod while walking.

Jody Williams
Jody Williams of Vermont,USA,established the International Campaign to Ban Landmines,an organization
that is now active in over 60 countries,which achieved success through the international treaty banning landmines in 1997.

Juan Mann
Australian man Juan Mann,recognized worldwide for giving out free hugs,now offers to donate one of his kidney to a person in need.

Scottish swimmer
When their boat capsized off Scotland’s east coast,a Scottish man swam for an hour to get help
and enabled the rescue of his three friends.

David Harding,Danny Rees and Colin Brookes
Cyclist David Harding jumped into the River Taff to save 4-year-old Umar Khan and alerted a passing water taxi to rescue 7-year-old Mohammed Ali Khan; both boys were give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation by Danny Rees and Colin Brookes,crew of the Cardiff Aquabus.

Cameron Wilson, Andrew Fisher,Johan Malm
Cameron Wilson,Andrew Fisher,and Johan Malm rescued a 30-year old driver whose car had plunged into
the icy cold Nerang River in Queensland,Australia.

Jessica and Georgina Wilkinson
When their father had an epileptic stroke and fell unconscious on the floor,6-year-old Jessica
and 4-year-old Georgina Wilkinson immediately called the emergency number,which helped save their father’s life.

Buddy Bhandar
Buddy Bhandar,a nurse from Canada,jumped onto an out-of-control floating device on Wenatchee River
in Washington,USA,navigated the dangerous currents and saved the lives of the grandmother and
granddaughter on board.

Jason Noorthoek,Jr.
Twelve-year-old Jason Noorthoek,Jr.,used a previously much feared forklift to save his father who was
trapped beneath his car.

Jim Matthews
When motorist Jim Matthews saw a boat overturned with five people in it,he stopped and swam out
three times to rescue three people who had not yet made it to shore.

Ryne Poelker
Vegan Ryne Poelker,a senior at Porta High School in Illinois,USA,founded the Springfield Animal Rights group to help animals,something which he has started doing in his freshman year when he became a vegetarian.

Greg LeNoir
Greg LeNoir immediately leapt to his dog,Jake,rescue when he saw a shark had him in his jaws
and was able to save him through his efforts.

Al Machado
During an apartment fire in Massachusetts,USA,fireman Al Machado gave an unconscious cat mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and thus saved the tiger angora’s life.  

ABC News and Mercy for Animals
ABC News recently aired a video report based on Mercy for Animal’s undercover operation at one of California’s largest factory farms for eggs which shed light on the inhumane practices of factory farming.

Buddy the dog
In Saint Kilda,Australia,Buddy’s loud barking helped saved his and his human companion’s life
when a toast ignited in an appliance and caused a fire to spread through the kitchen.

Jedi the police dog
Jedi the police dog navigated through a gas-filled home with a camera strapped on his back,thus enabling
his human counterparts to locate and bring a man inside to safety.

Carly the kelpie
Carly the kelpie barked to awaken her human companion who fled to safety from his burning house in
Aldinga Beach,Australia.

Buddy the German Shepherd
Buddy the German Shepherd saves his human caregiver’s life,John Stainaker,who was having a seizure,
by pressing down on a specially designed phone that dials for emergency help if held for more than 3 seconds.

Bonnie the dog
Bonnie,a 2-year-old canine,intervened and saved her human caregiver from a robber who confronted her
in downtown Shannon,Australia.

Anjana the chimp
Two-year-old Anjana the chimp at the US Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species acts as surrogate mother for two orphaned young white tigers,Mitra and Shiva,by feeding them from a bottle and lying with them to sleep.

Leo the dog saved a litter of newborn kittens by refusing to leave them during a house fire
in Melbourne,Australia,and all were finally rescued by firefighters arriving at the scene.


International governments,charities,and UN agencies
International governments,charities,and UN agencies pledged a total of US$4.5 billion to end child illiteracy and ensure primary schooling throughout the world.

United Nations
The United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) has disbursed over US$1 billion to people
in countries worldwide since its launch in 2006.

Saudi Arabia
The Ministry of Education of Saudi Arabia approves a US$266 million plan to provide school transportation
for female students.

Macedonia’s troops stationed in Taji,Iraq are planned for a return home by the end of December.

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey has provided over US$50 million in 2007 through the Oprah’s Angel Network
and The Oprah Winfrey Foundation to help support healthcare and education programs for women and children around the world.

China’s army
China’s army donates a US$43.8 million medical rehabilitation center for those injured in the May 12 earthquake.

France 2
France’s largest public television channel,France 2,discusses food choices and saving the planet,
highlighting the huge climate impact of meat diet.

United Nations
The United Nations sends a second dispatch of 50 trucks carrying 750 metric tons of food
to internally displaced persons in northern Sri Lanka.

Mexico prohibits smoking in all public areas,including schools,offices,restaurants,and bars.

India bans smoking in all government and private buildings,as well as public places in all states.

According to a 2007 survey,Queensland enjoys a decline in smoking in Australia since its comprehensive ban in 2006.

Since its smoking ban in May 2008,Turkey showed a significant decrease in smoking in July 2008
as compared to the same month the previous year.

United Kingdom
The United Kingdom now requires manufacturers of cigarettes to have picture warnings on cigarette packs to deter people from smoking.

Google has launched Clean Energy 2030,a program that invests US$45 million in sustainable energy sources and has also proposed a plan for the entire US which could reduce fossil fuel-based power up to 88%.

World Vision
US-based Christian charity World Vision announces it has invested US$39 million during 2007 on various
development projects in Mozambique,including health,education,food security and water.  

Le Monde newspaper
Leading French newspaper Le Monde reports on meat consumption and climate change,citing chairman of IPCC,Dr. Pachauri’s campaign and a recent UK report.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi
Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi donates over US$33 million to conservation programs
worldwide to help endangered flora and fauna.

World Bank
The Word Bank is donating an additional US$25 million to aid Haiti’s recovery from the recent hurricanes
and to improve its capacity to better cope with natural disasters.

Provincial authorities in Bié,Angola announce a US$20 million project that will bring clean drinking water
to 400,000 people by the end of 2009.

European Commission
The European Commission provides a donation of over US$86 million to benefit small farmers

Marriott hotel,Bradesco Bank,and Foundation for a Sustainable Amazon,Amazonas state government
The US-based Marriott hotel chain,Brazil’s Bradesco Bank,and the Amazonas state government donate
US$2 million,US$9.4 million,and US$9.4 million,respectively,to the Foundation for a Sustainable Amazon’s preservation project to alleviate global warming.

Australia donates US$8.4 million to the Philippines Department of Education to improve education
for minority Muslim and indigenous children.

OPEC Fund for International Development
The OPEC Fund for International Development donates US$5 million to the United Nations to build schools
at the Nahr el Bared Palestinian refugee camp.

China donates US$4 million to build a friendship school in Egypt which will offer instruction
in both Chinese language and history.

Saudi Arabia
The Saudi Committee for the Relief of Afghan People provides US$3 million in food baskets to help
address the severe food shortage in Afghanistan through the UN World Food Program.

United Nations Children’s Fund
The United Nations Children’s Fund announced a boost of US$3 million in aid to Togo to support
education,health,and nutrition programs.
Namibia donates US$1 million to Cuba to support the country’s efforts in recovering from recent hurricanes.

Make it Right Foundation New Orleans
Actor Brad Pitt’s Make it Right Foundation New Orleans,is building houses equipped with eco-friendly features in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans to replace those that were destroyed by the powerful Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

American Red Cross
The American Red Cross is donating US$600,000 to provide relief supplies and aid to areas of Haiti
that afflicted the recent powerful hurricanes.

Paraguay’s Ministry of Public Health approved of free health care for all people through the passing
of Resolution 140.

The Scottish football club,Rangers,in cooperation with the United Nations Children’s Fund,
will donate over £300,000 for education in India.

United Nations World Food Program
The Somali region in Ethiopia receives over US$120,000 in donated vehicles from the United Nations
World Food Program (WFP) to manage food aid and construction.

The Dalai Lama
His Holiness the Dalai Lama donates US$116,000 from speaking engagements in the United Kingdom
to those in need including the local

Middle East
The Middle East’s most high-tech recycling center,Arad-Kuh,opens in Tehran,Iran,covering
a 22-hectare area and capable of transforming tons of waste into rich soil compost.

Christian Aid
United Kingdom Christian Aid assists Zimbabwean farmers with US$86,500 emergency funds
for the purchase of drought-resistant seeds.

USA and Great Britain
Great Britain and the United States donate US$380,000 and US$300,000,respectively,
to the construction of a new center to train personnel for international peacekeeping missions
in Mozambique.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies have joined together
to build more than 6,100 transitional shelters for communities in Peru who are still recovering
from the earthquake a year ago.

Lottery winner
A lottery winner from Formosa (Taiwan)donates almost US$300,000 of his US$13.5 million winnings
to families in need in Taipei county.

Qatar dispatches a plane carrying 44 tons of humanitarian supplies such as food,tents and medicines to
the damaged quake areas of Kyrgyzstan.

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia donates 1,460 prefabricated homes to the northwestern Gansu province of China,
which experienced an 6.0 earthquake in May 2008.  

Lions Club
The Lions Club of Jinja in Uganda donates items including wheat flour,rice,beans,sugar and soap to 65 orphans at St. Mugagga Boy’s Home in Jinja.

China’s Liaoning province
The government of Liaoning province in China has decided to extend the hunting ban for another five years
to continue to protect the area’s wildlife.

British anti-smoking group,ASH,urges a ban on smoking in cars carrying children and infants to protect them from the high toxicity of second-hand smoke.

Upholding a vote in January 2008 that banned online gambling in Germany,a Lower Saxony
state court in Hanover has rejected a prominent gambling website’s bid to offer online poker.

The Ondo state government of Nigeria provides 600 free cataract surgeries and distributes
6,100 free eye glasses to help improve and restore vision for the less fortunate.

UN World Food Program
The UN World Food Program (WFP) has delivered 40 tons of nutritious biscuits for 87,000 displaced families in the Philippines’ Mindanao refugee camps.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and Burundi Red Cross
An emergency fund approved by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
(IFRC) has enabled the Burundi Red Cross to deliver humanitarian aid to hundreds of families
in Burundi still homeless after the floods.

UK Food Ethics Council
The Food Ethics Council in the UK urges supermarkets to protect the environment through reducing their
stocks of meat,dairy and air-freighted produce.

Dr. Rufus Peter Mba
Pentecostal cleric Apostle Dr. Rufus Peter Mba,founder of Miracle Centre,donates clothes for
the widows and orphans in Rwanda.

Phil Collins
Renowned award-winning British musician Phil Collins sent a letter to the United Kingdom department store
Selfridges,asking the business to stop selling foie gras.

Nicoletta Montavani and Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein
Pavarotti’s widow Nicoletta Montavani,with the support of Her Royal Highness Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein of Jordan,organized a benefit concert in remembrance of Pavarotti raises funds in support of UN projects
for refugees and displaced persons.

Turkey’s IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation
Turkey’s IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivers food to 850 Chechen refugee families,along with cash for 200 orphans in Azerbaijan.

Dr. Andy Thorpe
As a result of his research on methane emissions and its harmful role in global warming,
Dr. Andy Thorpe recommends livestock down-sizing,reducing meat consumption,and warns against switching from the eating of meat to fish since this would devastate the ocean ecosystem.

United Nations,Sri Lanka
The United Nations delivered 60 trucks carrying 800 tons of humanitarian supplies to northern Sri Lanka
with half of the trucks supplied by the Sri Lankan government.

With the right to adequate food being included in Nepal’s new constitution,increased funds have been released to the Nepal Food Corporation,a national body that supplies food to districts in the greatest need.

Le Monde newspaper
Leading French newspaper Le Monde reports on meat consumption and climate change,citing chairman of IPCC,Dr. Pachauri’s campaign and a recent UK report.

The Canadian province of Manitoba permanently bans expansion of the practice of raising pigs
for meat to protect local water resources.

Oprah Winfrey
Award-winning TV personality Oprah aired a report evaluating the conditions of animals raised for meat
in the United States.  

China will double the amount of scholarships offered to Africa to 4,000 students per year.

Howard Lyman
Howard Lyman,author and American cattle-rancher turned vegan,talked to students at California
State University in Chico about the damaging health and environmental effects of consuming meat.

Professor Tim Lang
The United Kingdom’s government advisor Professor Tim Lang recommends less meat and dairy consumption to alleviate climate change.

Vegan Society of New South Wales and Voiceless
The Vegan Society of New South Wales in Australia,with the support of Voiceless,organized
the 『Cool the Planet Bite by Bite』 in Sydney to highlight the link between global warming
and food choices.

Taoyuan County,Formosa and Tung-Hai University
The local government of Taoyuan County in Formosa (Taiwan),Tung-Hai University,and environmental groups organized a seminar on ways to reduce environmental impact,including reducing the consumption of meat.

Glen Pearson
Canadian Parliament Member Glen Pearson gave a presentation on 『An Inconvenient Truth』 to alert the public of the climate change issue.

Finnish Vegan Society
The Finnish Vegan Society organized the first vegan fair ever in Finland to promote the benefits
of a vegetarian,animal-free,diet.

Funded by the Spanish government initiative,DAR’s Solar Power Technology Support,three remote villages
in the Philippines have electricity for the first time.

China constructed more than 150 homeless centers for children throughout the country since 2006,with the goal of 300 such centers by 2010.

European Parliament's Environment Committee
The European Parliament's Environment Committee approved plans that will require eavy polluting industries
to begin purchasing carbon emissions offset permits by 2013.

Dr. Amit Goffer
Dr. Amit Goffer invented the ReWalk to help paralyzed people walk again.

Lake County,California
Lake County in northern California bans the cultivation of genetically modified crops.

Marquette’s and Keweneenaw Bay Indian Community’s youths
Youths from Marquette in Michigan,USA,and the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community spent the summer
building dozens of houses to protect Monarch butterflies that land in the region on their way to Mexico.

Dr. Rajendra Pachauri
Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri,Chairman of the United Nations’ Nobel-prize winning Intergovernmental Panel
on Climate Change has begun an online blog with a goal of increasing global awareness about climate change.

First Lady of Formosa,Chow Mei-ching
The First Lady of Formosa,Chow Mei-ching,wife of President Ma Ying-Jeou,led Taipei elementary
school children in reading a news article titled "Curb Global Warming: Eat Less Meat,More Vegetables & Fruits" to mark the 60th anniversary of the Mandarin Daily News.

World Wildlife Fund
The World Wildlife Fund’s report,『Climate Change: Faster,Stronger,Sooner,』 updates the UN 2007
climate change report and calls for more urgent and rapid measures to halt global warming.

US Humane Society
The US Humane Society sponsored the film 『Eating Mercifully』 as part of its All Creatures Great
and Small campaign to promote a vegetarian diet.

European Union
The European Union opens an immigration center in Bamako,Mali to provide Africans with information about
procedures for obtaining employment in Europe.


United States
The United States announced a US$40 million donation pledge to protect the Coral Triangle whose survival is at-risk due to climate change and pollution.

France,President Nicolas Sarkozy
France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy announces US$547 million in national funding for the development
of low-emission cars,as well as proposing aid from the European Union to all member states for producing
eco-friendly vehicles.

Muslim World League
The Muslim World League donates over US$267,000 to Yemen for those affected
by recent torrential rains.

Magic Bus
United Kingdom charity Magic Bus raised over US$300,000 to aid less fortunate children
in India,especially those in Mumbai.

Prince Faisal bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz
Saudi Arabia’s Prince Faisal bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz contributed more than US$25,000
to the Emergency Medicine Association

United Nations
The United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) announced that it will lend US$22 million to Ghana to be used by The Northern Rural Growth Program to improve the livelihoods of women and
disadvantaged groups.

Latin American students
1500 students from across Latin America joined together through the program 『A Roof for My Country』
to build 150 homes for families in need in Buenos Aires,Argentina.

The Northern Star
The Northern Star,an independent news source produced by students at the Northern Illinois University
in the United States,featured an article that examines the detrimental effects of meat consumption
on American society.

Mozambique bans genetically modified seeds.

Rwanda and the Red Cross
The government of Rwanda and the Red Cross have sent humanitarian aid to the nation’s western,northern
and eastern provinces to help residents cope with the aftermath of devastating storms.

Âu Lạc (Vietnam)
Âu Lạc’s (Vietnam) new policy,effective immediately,allows visa-free travel for visitors from Russia.

United Nations and 43 member states
43 member states of the United Nations signed or ratified 80 different conventions,agreements and treaties at the United Nations’ annual treaty signing event.

Beijing,China,has built more than 150 community service centers to help people with disabilities
in the city.

President Hugo Chavez
President Hugo Chavez’s 2009 program promises Venezuelans a free greener car and a year of free fuel
when they turn in cars that consumed too much gasoline.

Malawi announces a new method of land cultivation to eliminate hunger and dependence on international food aid.  

University of Illinois researchers
University of Illinois researchers have developed transparent and flexible solar cells to broaden the areas where sunlight can be converted into electrical energy.

Scotland’s leading climate change bill calls for CO2 reductions of 80 percent by 2050,
and urges the inclusion of other emission reductions such as methane.  

Nouvelle Planète
The non-profit organization Nouvelle Planète assists practical projects which have the goal
of improving the living conditions of the local people around the world.

Julieta Gayoso
Argentine designer Julieta Gayoso has created a range of clothing with built-in solar panels that can
charge electronic devices on the go.

Pinkham Lighthouse
Pinkham Lighthouse,a social enterprise in London,is supporting an eco-village in South Africa where
a community operates its own water recycling plant,organic gardens,business units,and a primary school.

United Nations
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is constructing Muriza,a community for
displaced 98 Hutu and Tutsi Burundian families.

Egypt reopens the Rafah border crossing to allow Palestinians from Gaza to return home following
hospital visits in Egypt.  

Caroline Trapp
Caroline Trapp,Director of Diabetes Education and Care at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine,recommends a low-fat plant-based diet to lower blood glucose levels.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown
United Kingdom Prime Minister Gordon has created the new Climate Change and Energy Ministry to focus
on sustainable energy and further reduce the nation’s carbon emissions.

Premier Anna Bligh
Premier of Queensland,Australia,Anna Bligh,introduced into Parliament a discussion paper in regards to prohibiting junk food advertising during children’s television programming.

Pope Benedict XVI
His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI commenced a week-long Bible-reading marathon,broadcast on Italian television and featuring 1,200 readers from different religions.

United States
The United States announced that citizens from LaTVia,Lithuania,Estonia,Hungary,the Czech Republic,Slovakia and South Korea will soon be allowed to enter the United States visa-free

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger,California
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed two bills into law giving the state the authority to determine the safety of chemicals in products,and recall those containing unsafe chemicals.

Leona Lewis
Singer and vegetarian Leona Lewis from the United Kingdom declined a US$1.7 million offer to open the annual summer sale of a department store because the store sells fur.

A new law has been passed in Frederick County that bans the tethering of dogs outside for over 10 hours
in a period of 24 hours.

Chile passed a new law that bans any harm to whales or their environment,making the country’s 3,400 mile long coast a sanctuary for its 43 cetaceous species.

Mayor Boyko Borissov of Sofia,Bulgaria
Mayor Boyko Borissov of Sofia,Bulgaria,encouraged the city’s children to treat birds more kindly,and urge the protection of all 68 bird species living in the city.

Cool Earth Solar
US-based Cool Earth Solar,whose balloon solar concentrator improves the efficiency of solar cells
400 times,constructs its first prototype plant in Livermore,California.  

Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev opened 『Common World: Progress through Diversity,』
an international conference for interfaith peace.

South Korea
South Korea is the second country to completely eliminates the nation’s chemical weapons stockpile.

Thailand and Cambodia
Thailand and Cambodia agreed to jointly patrol the area where the Preah Vihear temple sits on their shared border.

Moldova plans to withdraw troops from Iraq by December due to the increased stability of the country.

Hawaii County Council
The Hawaii County Council of Hawaii,USA,voted 9-0 to ban genetically modified (GM) taro and coffee.

Bassil Abdulaziz al-Mahman
Saudi student Bassil Abdulaziz al-Mahman was honored for his work in protecting the environment form
methane gas at an international festival for scientific innovation in Seoul,South Korea.

UNICEF and the United Nations
UNICEF and the UN Development Program partner to provide basic needs,counseling and vocational training
to more than 100 children granted pardon from prison in Somaliland.  

Native American Northen Arapaho tribe
The Native American Northern Arapaho tribe of Wyoming,USA,opens the Arapaho Language Lodge
to teach and preserve the rare indigenous peoples’ native language.

Grand Rabbi Shear-Yashuv Cohen
Shear-Yashuv Cohen,the Grand Rabbi of the Israeli city of Haifa,spoke before a synod of Catholic bishops and explained the importance of the Torah to the Jewish faith and his hopes of bringing Catholics and Jews closer together.

Albert Schweitzer Ecological Centre
Since 1982,numerous offices of the Albert Schweitzer Ecological Centre in Burkina Faso have been teaching local craftsmen how to build solar equipment,providing them with sustainable energy
as well as income.

New York students
US students in New York embarked on a Clean Energy Bike Tour to call for federal and state politicians to
address climate change.

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Ragyogó világi vezetőségi díj