Pig factory farm threatens health for generations - 24 Feb 2010  
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Those who have experienced the construction of industrial-scale animal farms near their homes share a grave set of health, environmental, and social detriments. For Ms. Johanne Dion and others in a Quebec, Canada community, much of their lives have become consumed with defending themselves and fellow citizens from the harmful effects of the farm’s pollution.

(Interview in English)

Johanne Dion – Pig factory farm neighbor, Quebec, Canada (F):  I was hoping I could get this river cleaned up before I died, I was hoping. (sobbing) Until I heard about the pig farm. And when I heard about the pig farm, I said, “No way! It’s impossible, they won’t let it happen. They can’t do that.” And they did.

VOICE: The pig factory farm that was installed in 2006 contained 5,800 pigs, nearly double the town’s human population. The untreated waste pouring from the barns was so massive that the river often turned brown for days and was restricted from swimming.

Johanne Dion (F): (still crying) We did a lot about municipal and industrial pollution, but agricultural pollution is very bad, and it’s getting worse.

VOICE: The toxic substances emitted by the concentrated pig barns into the surrounding waterways include antibiotics, artificial hormones, pesticides, and even deadly pathogens. Ms. Dion and her husband Mr. Tim Yeatman formed a group that attempted to protect public health by shutting down the operation, and in the process they learned to test for bacteria in the water. He explained the results from testing one farm neighbor's well.

(In English)

Tim Yeatman – former computer firm employee (M): We did test his well and we did determine that they had not just coliform in their well, they had E. coli in their well. E. coli is what can kill you.

VOICE: Another afflicted neighbor, who asked to be anonymous, described how his family had been affected by the unbearably suffocating stench exuded by the rotting carcasses and feces.

(In French)

Pig factory farm neighbor (M): We cannot breathe. It’s the ammonia. We lack air. There have been days when we had to leave. We leave in the morning, we return in the evening when the winds have changed direction.

Another impact of pig factory farms is evident in the worldwide swine flu pandemic, which originated in their filthy and intensive confinement conditions. The virus continues to severely sicken and cause deaths in children and younger adults more than older persons. With only some countries keeping records, fatalities most recently rose to 209 in Thailand, 1,337 in India, 32 in Oman, and at least 100 in the Czech Republic. However, experts say that these are only a fraction of actual cases.

Our appreciation for the brave voices of the Canadian residents as we share in grief and sorrow with all who have been directly and indirectly affected by these inhumane animal farming practices. Let us minimize these tragic effects as we opt instead for the wholesome and vital organic vegan lifestyle.

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