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La Reine du Lohas, Long Kuan – partie 1 / 2 (en chinois)    1ère partie

LK(f): Queen of Lohas, she cannot take rest right now She has to race with time and see how much she can change
LK(f): I wrote a song called “Lohas Queen.” I wish that everyone can live like a queen or a king. Lohas in Chinese means “happy and lively.”  In English it means “Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability.”
“Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability.”

HOST: Welcome, music lovers and green goers! On this episode of Vegetarian Elite, we are delighted to be in the company of Long Kuan, otherwise affectionately called the Lohas Queen.

She has been regarded as one of the most active animal advocates and environmentalists among Chinese celebrities today.

: “Lohas Queen” Composed and performed by Long Kuan
LK(f): I am the Queen of Lohas I have a big basket full of treasures
I love this world and would not want it to get destroyed
I am the Queen of Lohas protecting everyone’s dream
I want my life to shine forever

HOST: Long Kuan emerged onto the Chinese music scene in 2004, and quickly made her way up the charts and into the hearts of fans. Her first solo album released in China sold over 100,000 copies.
The following year in 2005, Long Kuan garnered numerous awards, including Best New Artist of the Year, Best Album, Best Lyrics, Hit of the Year and a Silver Award from the 5th Pepsi Music, and Top Music Chart Award from Music Radio China.

She has received various acclaim from the Oriental Music Awards and the Chinese Music Chart Awards, to name but a couple. In 2007, she signed on with Taihe Rye Music Co. Ltd., China’s largest music company. Long Kuan is not only a widely recognized musician, but also a positive trendsetter of healthy, sustainable,
and compassionate living for Chinese youth and admirers around the globe. Years before she established success in China, Long Kuan began her musical career in Europe.

Visit Long Kuan at LohasQueen.com for more information and stories of her eco-adventures

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