Le Dr. Joel Fuhrman : améliorer votre santé grâce à l’alimentation à base végétale – partie 1 / 3    1ère partie

Hallo, joyful viewers, and welcome to Healthy Living. On today’s program Joel Fuhrman, MD will discuss promoting optimal health through a plant-based lifestyle. Dr. Fuhrman, a highly regarded family practitioner in the United States specializing in the prevention and reversal of obesity and other diseases through nutrition
and natural therapies, has appeared on many American radio and TV shows and written several books on nutrition including the best-sellers Eat To Live, Disease-Proof Your Child, Cholesterol Protection for Life and Eat For Health.

Dr. Fuhrman believes there is a constructive way to reduce serious health conditions caused by unwise food choices.
Dr. Fuhrman(m): Right now fast food companies and processed foods are spreading all over the world and people are becoming more overweight, more obese, having more heart attacks, more diabetes, more strokes and even more cancer.

The good news is that nutritional science has advanced to the point where we can have people not have heart attacks, we can win the war against cancer, we can stop people from having strokes and as they become more elderly they don’t have to become demented in their later years.

Dr. Fuhrman(m): The secrets that we have learned to protect ourselves have to do with nutrients. There are two types of nutrients. There are macronutrients, and the macronutrients contain calories and those are called fat, carbohydrate and protein.

And if you eat too many macronutrients, too much fat, too much carbohydrate, and too much protein, we can become overweight and we promote aging, and promote heart attacks and strokes.
Now food also contains micronutrients and micronutrients do not contain calories. They are things like vitamins and minerals and phytochemicals.

HOST: The human body needs only tiny amounts of micronutrients, but their role in ensuring health is inestimable.

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