Relief news update from Nepal - 3 Oct 2009  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from Nepal.
Incessant downpours triggered floods from August 19 through August 21, affecting hundreds of villages in eastern Nepal’s Jhapa district. Eight people lost their lives, and over 6,000 families were displaced as hundreds of homes were damaged or swept away and over 1,000 hectares of crops were destroyed.

Widowed relief recipient, Jhapa District, Nepal (F):We have nowhere to live. We have nothing to eat.

VOICE: On August 21, Supreme Master Ching Hai donated US$10,000 in emergency aid, asking our native Association members to go if possible to comfort and help the most desperate, while also conveying all her love and sympathy.

The amount could purchase US$427,000 in supplies if bought in the US, based on Nepal's cost of living. Covering their own travel expenses, our Association’s relief team from Nepal headed to Jhapa District on August 25.

With help from the Nepal Red Cross Society and Jhapa District’s Administration Office as well as the Industry & Commerce Association, they were able to deliver relief items to over 800 displaced families, who gratefully received the rice, lentils, mustard oil, mosquito nets and mattresses.

Mr. Rajendra Ghimire President of the Industry and Commerce Association, Jhapa District, Nepal, Vegetarian (M): Your Association is the first one who came to this place and faced the hardship. Your help will always be remembered.

VOICE: We are grateful for the assistance of the Nepalese Red Cross Society, the local district Administration Office and the Industry & Commerce Association.

We also thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for her loving support to those in need, and our Association’s relief team for their timely efforts. Our prayers for the flood victims’ swift return to fulfilling daily life and that all people are freed from such devastations as humanity fosters a kinder regard for all beings.

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