Relief news update from Pakistan - 26 Aug 2009  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from Pakistan.
Beginning July 17, the worst downpours in 30 years lashed Pakistan, taking at least 26 lives and injuring over 150 in the city of Karachi and surrounding regions.

Less fortunate women and children were most affected, and the local electric company declared a red alert due to dangerous conditions posed by the downed power lines.

Supreme Master Ching Hai on July 20 quickly donated US$15,000 in emergency assistance, conveying her sorrow and loving prayers.

This amount could purchase approximately US$271,000 in supplies in the United States, based on Pakistan’s
cost of living.

Two of our Association members from Singapore and two from Formosa (Taiwan) quickly flew to Karachi on July 23, where they were joined by a local Association member.

The Red Crescent Society of Pakistan’s Provincial Secretary, Mr. Kambar Waseem arranged for the Disaster Management Manager Mr. Z.A. Shah to drive them in a Red Crescent jeep to the refugee camp in the affected Thatta district.

After an initial assessment visit, our Association’s relief team purchased and packed relief supplies, then returned with Mr. Shah to the three villages in the Thatta district that had been hardest hit by the storms.
There they were able to deliver aid to some 650 families, including financial contributions to pay for the medical treatment of a critically ill father with a small child as well as a disabled orphan.

The residents along with the Red Crescent staff expressed their gratitude for Master’s aid.
Mr. Kambar Waseem, Provincial Secretary, Red Crescent Society in Karachi (M): We would like to thank extremely the Supreme Master for this kind support and your donation to the most vulnerable people.
And also I will extend our own full cooperation for the humanitarian cause to the Supreme Master Association.

VOICE: We are especially grateful for the devoted help of Mr. Kambar Waseem, Mr. Z. A. Shah, and the Red Crescent staff.

We thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for her far-reaching love and support to the uprooted families, and our Association’s relief team for their diligent efforts.

Supreme Master Ching Hai also sent a special message of appreciation for the relief efforts: "Glorious souls, I can't thank you enough. Pray God to bless you manifold."

With Allah’s grace, may the Pakistani people be swiftly restored to lives of stability and fulfilment as we work to lessen such events through our greater kindness toward all beings.

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