Relief news from the Philippines - 2 Jan 2012  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news from the Philippines.
As rain leading to overflowing rivers from tropical storm Sendong caused flash flooding in the Mindanao region of the Philippines on December 17, over 1,250 people tragically died, while 85 went missing and thousands more were injured.

Among the areas hardest hit were Cagayan de Oro and Iligan cities.(In English)
Agnes Maingat- Disaster Command Center Manager, Iligan City (F): For first time in the history of Iligan that we experienced such a wide, massive and heavily damaging calamity. A lot of families’ houses got totally damaged, washed out, and so they lost everything that they had.

VOICE: With all her love and sorrowful prayers, Supreme Master Ching Hai donated US$8,000 for emergency supplies as she asked our nearby Association members to please go to render aid to the most vulnerable.

Additional contributions from our Association members abroad increased the total to US$9,685, an amount that could obtain US$108,000 in necessities if bought in the United States, based on the Philippines’ cost of living.

Covering their own travel and related expenses of US$1,000, our Association members from Formosa (Taiwan) and the Philippines arrived in the affected region on December 26. Upon finding that areas of Iligan City were in greater need, our Association’s relief team coordinated efforts with the local government in purchasing necessary items such as cooking sets containing rice pots, pans, casserole dishes, and plates.

Some of the local shop owners also offered sizeable discounts upon learning that the items were to help fellow citizens in need. By December 29, the relief goods were delivered to 1,476 most desperate families staying in three evacuation centers.

Brgy. Captain Boy Niez of Barangay Palao, Iligan City, Philippines (M): Actually, this is the first time that the people of Barangay Palao have received cooking utensils. So we are very, very happy today that they received these pots and plates. And to Master Ching Hai, thank you very much for the help you gave to us. Thank you very much.

VOICE: With appreciation for the caring assistance of the Iligan City officials, organizations, and businesses, we join in gratefulness for the unconditional aid from Supreme Master Ching Hai, and the diligent work of our Association’s relief team.

Our prayers for the restored stability of the flood-affected Philippine people and that such weather extremities cease through our gentler stewardship of the planet.

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