Relief news from Myanmar (Burma) - 12 Dec 2011  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news from Myanmar (Burma).
As severe monsoon rains across Southeast Asia caused flash flooding in the central Magway Region, by the first week in November, at least 161 people had lost their lives, with nearly 30,000 affected.

Over 2,000 homes were swept away, while government buildings, regional monasteries, roads, and some 5,400 acres of croplands were damaged. Conveying all her love and sorrowful prayers, Supreme Master Ching Hai offered US$10,000 in emergency aid, an amount that could obtain US$431,000 in goods purchased in the United States, based on the cost of living in Myanmar.

She also asked that our Association members please go if possible to render assistance to the most desperate. Covering their own travel and related expenses of US$900, our Thai Association members met up with local Burmese Association members on November 7 in the worst-affected Pakokku Township, where floodwaters of up to 4 meters covered the roofs of houses.

Accompanied by Pakkoku Media Group, they visited five of the hardest hit villages, where 121 people had perished, over 2,700 homes were washed away or destroyed, and many roads had been damaged.

Our Association's relief team distributed cash assistance and shelter materials to 225 families, as well as informative SOS flyers on the vegan solution to such disasters. They also provided funds to help five schools and their students.

In addition, they went to meet a boy they had heard was in need of an urgent operation that his parents could not afford, and provided the funds for his surgery.

Headman, Myit Phar Village, Pokkokku Township, Myanmar (M): On behalf of all the village victims of the floods, we would like to say thank you for coming and giving the donations from Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Dr. Thet Lwin, Journalist, Pakkokku Media Group, Myanmar (M): I am very happy to see you. Thank you very much.

VOICE: Our appreciation, Pakkoku Media Group, for your caring assistance, as we join in gratefulness for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s unconditional love and kindness, as well as the helpful efforts of our Association’s relief team.

Our prayers for the smooth recuperation of the Burmese people's regular day-to-day lives, and that such devastations may quickly be averted through humanity’s kinder stewardship of the Earth and all her inhabitants.

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