Relief news update from Thailand - 17 Nov 2011  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from Thailand.
As Thailand continues to battle its worst floods in 50 years, the death toll stood at 562 as of Tuesday, November 15, with an estimated two million people affected.

Although waters had begun to recede in some places, evacuations were still being conducted in parts of Bangkok, where concerns over tainted water, disease, and sanitation have been on the rise.

As floodwaters in areas such as Pathum Thani province have reached as high as 2 meters, the Thai military has been working to establish sandbag barriers and to help treat flood victims who have fallen ill.

Upon hearing of the flood disasters as they struck in August, Supreme Master Ching Hai had offered US$15,000 for emergency needs, an amount that could acquire US$82,000 in supplies purchased in the United States, based on Thailand’s cost of living.

Expressing all her love and prayers, she requested that our local Association members please go and help the most vulnerable. As part of their ongoing relief efforts, our Thai Association members from Bangkok travelled to Pathum Thani province at the end of October, with the Royal Army providing truck transportation due to the high floodwaters.

Once there, our Association members distributed 1,000 packages of rice and vegan food, as well as 9,600 bottles of clean drinking water for 1,600 families.They also gave out informative SOS flyers on the vegan solution to climate change, much to the appreciation of the locals.

Director of the school district (M): This must be a reward from our meritorious deeds, especially from Master Ching Hai for taking care of us, bringing rice, food and water which are very much needed at this time.

At first I thought nobody would come to help because we live very far, deep in the district. But the Association came in by a military truck until it could not go anymore, and still they kept walking to reach us.

VOICE:  Our appreciation, Thai officials and Royal Army, for your caring assistance as we also thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for her detailed support and our Association’s relief team for their selfless endeavors. We pray that the Thai people may swiftly recover their stable day-to-day lives as humanity’s more eco-conscious care helps renew the balance of our Earth.

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