Relief news from Thailand - 12 Sep 2011  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news from Thailand.
On Friday, September 9, at least eight people perished and two were missing in the latest of storms to hit the area. As mudslides engulfed entire villages in northern Thailand, officials stated that this was the worst disaster to hit the mountainous region in 100 years.

One landslide isolated three villages in Nam Pat district of Uttaradit province early Friday morning, affecting some 900 people.

Major damage to roads and the destruction of a linking bridge hampered relief efforts, and military helicopters were deployed to deliver relief supplies. The disasters come amid weeks of incessant rainfall and flooding in the north and northeastern regions, with over 70 people who perished and 4.3 million people affected.

Upon hearing of the initial flood disasters in August, Supreme Master Ching Hai had donated US$15,000 for urgent necessities, an amount that could obtain US$82,000 in items acquired in the United States, based on Thailand’s cost of living.

Conveying all her love and prayers, she requested that our local Association members please go if possible to offer assistance to the most vulnerable. As soon as it was feasible, our Association members from Bangkok traveled to the areas most in need, including hard-hit Pakkwae and Bankuay subdistricts of Sukhothai province, where floodwaters had risen up to two meters high.

President of Pakkhwae Subdistrict Administration Organization, Sukhothai Province, Thailand (M): Our people in five villages in Pakkwae were very badly affected by the floods. The level of water was higher than we could guard against.

VOICE: The relief team distributed rice, instant noodles, and drinking water for 1,000 affected families, as well as SOS flyers to help inform them
of the vegan solution to such extreme weather events.

They then went to one of the worst-hit areas, Bang Rakam district in Pitsanulok Province, where floodwaters were about 3 to 4 meters high. The President of Bang Rakam Subdistrict Administration Organization provided a boat so that they could reach the victims. The relief team then distributed 200 sets of rice, drinking water, and soymilk. The recipients expressed their deep gratitude for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s care.
Following this relief work, our Association members prepared to go to other affected provinces.

President of Pakkhwae Subdistrict Administration Organization, Sukhothai Province, Thailand (M): Thank you, Supreme Master Ching Hai, for the relief items to our people in Pakkwae sub district, Mueang District, Sukhothai Province.

District Chief Officer, Bankuay Subdistrict, Sukhothai Province, Thailand (M): Thank you, Supreme Master Ching Hai and your relief team. Thanks for your compassionate aid of relief, food supplies, and water to our victims in Sukhothai.

VOICE: Our appreciation, Thai officials and personnel, for your efforts to help the disaster victims. We also join in thankfulness for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s detailed assistance, as well as for the diligent efforts of our Association’s relief team. Wishing the beautiful Thai people a swift restoration of stable day-to-day lives as we strive to restore the balance of the ecosphere through our kinder lifestyles.

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