Relief news update from the Philippines - 23 Aug 2011  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from the Philippines.
Tropical storm Nock-ten's intensification at the end of July brought rain, floods and landslides to northeastern regions, claiming at least 52 lives and damaging or destroying over 6,000 homes. Entire villages were isolated in Albay, Camarines Sur, Camarines Norte and Catanduanes provinces.

Young storm victim (M): There are so many people who lost their houses. It's so very sad to see.
VOICE: Expressing her sorrowful prayers and love, Supreme Master Ching Hai donated US$10,000 for emergency aid and asked our nearby Association members to render help to those most in need.

This amount could acquire US$135,000 in urgent necessities if bought in the United States, based on the cost of living in the Philippines.

Covering their own travel expenses of US$3,520, our Association’s relief teams in the Philippines and from Formosa (Taiwan) on August 5 traveled to Albay province, where people had perished and over 110,000 families were afflicted.

Governor Joey Salceda (M): At least 16 people died across province. This disruption or the increasing intensity as well as the frequency of these severe weather patterns can only be attributed to climate change.

VOICE: With the cooperation of provincial officials, supplies of rice, sugar, seasonings and soap were purchased and packed for 3,800 families. With the assistance of a military team, who also kindly provided four trucks, the materials were delivered to the various villages, along with SOS flyers about the veg solution to climate change.

In addition, a cash donation was made to help a flooded school obtain urgent necessities.

Mayor Greg Ricarte – Oas Municipality, Albay (M): On behalf of my constituents in our town, we are very glad and thankful to the Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Elderly relief recipient (F): Thank you.

VOICE: With gratefulness for the help of the Philippine officials and military members, our thanks also goes to Supreme Master Ching Hai for her loving aid, and our Association’s relief team for their caring efforts.
May such tragic events be minimized through our gentler regard for all fellow beings on the planet. 

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