Relief news from South Korea - 19 Aug 2011  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news from South Korea.
On July 27 and 28, record rainfalls lashed the city of Seoul and surrounding regions in Gyeonggi province, leaving at least 77 people dead or missing and 3,050 displaced as some 10,000 homes and 978 hectare of land were inundated.

With all her love and sorrowful prayers, Supreme Master Ching Hai donated US$10,000 as she requested that our nearby Association members please go render assistance to the most vulnerable.

Acting as quickly as possible, our Association’s South Korean relief team consulted with officials in the affected areas on required aid. They then traveled to visit with a bereaved family in Gonjiam in the city of Gwangju and delivered nourishing vegan food, along with condolence cash assistance donated by our local Association members of US$4,700.

Bereaved mother, Gonjiam, Gwangju City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea (f): Thank you for sending condolence today. I wish my daughter to go to the good place. I can see her now being loved and leaving the world. Thank you always! Thank you so much!

VOICE: Also in Gonjiam, the relief team found a home that could not be reached by heavy equipment and was still buried in sediment that had overflowed from a nearby stream,which they were able to completely clear.
The team then went to Bangbae-dong, where a landslide struck an apartment and residential area at the foot of Mt. Woomyun. Although many volunteers were already assisting government officers and soldiers with restoration efforts, the damage was serious.

After consulting with staff in the community center, our Association's relief team helped clean three semi-basement flats that had been inundated. As they cleaned up the homes, our Association members saw the residents’ expressions change from depression to smiles.

In the afternoon, the team went to Guryong village, a shantytown also situated at the foot of the mountain, where they distributed 100 rice bags and 50 boxes of vegan noodles, before preparing to return to Bangbae-dong for further relief work.

Lee Gang-Il, Chairperson of Publicity Committee, Guryong Village, Gangnam district, Seoul, South Korea (m): Floods happenevery year, but this year the damage is so big. It has never happened like this in 20 years.

Kim Je-Dong, Famous TV celebrity, Meat-free advocate, Volunteering in Guryong Village, Gangnam district, Seoul, South Korea (M): What happened to others can happen to us any time.

Disasters do not discriminate people. So, because this could happen to anyone, anyone could be afflicted by this kind of thing, if we all overcome someone's misfortune together, there could be nothing that's better than that.

So if something good happens, we're in it together, and if something bad happens, we come together and make it something good and restore things. I think that'd be the best.

Jin Yong-Mi, Manager of Village Hall, Guryong Village, Gangnam district, Seoul, South Korea (F): The aid from Supreme Master Ching Hai Association is the biggest one so far. Thank you for so many materials, and we’ll use them wisely.

VOICE: During their endeavors, our Association members also gave Supreme Master Ching Hai’s book, “From Crisis to Peace,” explaining the vegan solution to such weather extremes.
The relief recipients expressed their deep gratefulness for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s love and support, and many said they agreed with the need to adopt a more compassionate diet.

Relief recipient, Guryong Village, Gangnam district, Seoul, South Korea (F): Thank you so much for the aid! The victims here are grateful and happy for that.

Relief recipient, Guryong Village, Gangnam district, Seoul, South Korea (F): Not so many people pay attention to us. So, we’re having hard time. But you came and helped us, so thank you so much! Thank you very much!

VOICE: Our appreciation, South Korean officials, personnel, and volunteers for your help to the disaster-affected. We also join in gratefulness for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s loving assistance, and for the diligent endeavors of our Association’s relief team. May such disturbing calamities soon subside through our kinder care of the ecosphere.

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