Relief news from China - 5 Aug 2011  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news from China.
In mid-June, Hubei Province suffered damaging rainstorms and floods having just emerged from a first round for the summer. These claimed at least 20 lives and injured over 100 others.

Gaoqiao Town in Xian-an District of Xianning City was one of the most affected areas, where over 6,000 residents were displaced as nearly 500 homes either collapsed or were damaged, with more than 1,300 hectares of rice fields that were also affected.

Upon hearing of the disaster, Supreme Master Ching Hai immediately donated over US$7,000 with all her love and sorrowful prayers, as she asked that our local Association members please go to the disaster areas to help the victims.

This amount could acquire approximately US$46,000 in emergency items purchased in the United States, based on China’s cost of living.

In accordance with Supreme Master Ching Hai’s request for updates, the following is a report from our Association's relief team in China.

Re: Disaster relief in Hubei Province
Most Beloved Master, With Master’s love, we went to Gaoqiao Town, Xian-an District of Xianning City in Hubei Province, where we found that four villages were affected by floods.
Through local government officials, we learned that although they had quickly carried out relief operations, the victims were in need of bedclothes to protect from the low temperatures at night.

Because there were not enough in stores, a local government official helped us coordinate with a cotton supplier, who made the needed items overnight and also donated some quilts for the victims.
We then worked with the local government to distribute the bedclothes to the victims, who joyfully expressed their appreciation for Master’s love, saying that they could finally have a nice sleep at night.

After the relief work, we delivered Master’s informative book “From Crisis to Peace – The Organic Vegan Way is the Answer” to the local government staff.

We are grateful to God for giving us this opportunity to develop our loving hearts and pray that by reading Master’s book, people will understand that we can be the protectors of our planet.
Thank you, Master!

With all our love,
China Relief Team

VOICE: Our gratefulness to Supreme Master Ching Hai for allowing us to share these details with our viewers, as well as to our Association’s Foreign Group for providing this report.

We are thankful, Chinese government officials and local personnel, for your kindhearted assistance.
Our gratitude also for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s comforting aid to the disaster-stricken, and for the efforts of our Association’s relief team. Wishing the affected residents a smooth recovery of regular daily lives as we pray that humanity’s gentler care restores the balance of our Earth.

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